Global lists

Global lists is a key element of Struct PIM and one of the building blocks that enable the definition of any data model

What are global lists

Global lists are used to create predefined lists of entities that can be referenced on products, variants, categories or even other global lists.

The data model of a Global list is defined by an underlying attribute. By using Complex attributes, values in a global list can become entities themselves which has a number of data fields. Global list values can even be configured to reference other global list values by using a GlobalListValue attribute within the definition of a global list.

Example: A list of brands is defined by a global list, so a brand can be selected on products in the system. Each brand has a name, a localized description and a logo. These 3 data fields are all defined on the global list and maintained here. On the product structure an attribute is attached that is configured to allow selection of 1 entity from the global list of brands.

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