Struct PIM ships with a standard REST Api, that allows for any interaction with Struct PIM resources. Use this to integrate your applicatoins with Struct PIM

About the API

The REST Api ships with every installation of Struct PIM. Access to the API is restricted by API keys issued within the Struct PIM application.

Newer versions of the API may include new features, but a major version (eg. v.3.) is always backwards compatible.

C# API client

We provide a C# API client, available in the official Nuget feed (Struct.PIM.Api.Client). We recommend using this, if you are working in C#, as it gets you going a lot faster compared to wrapping the API yourself.

API documentation

If you are implementing your integration using .NET and C#, we recommend having a look at our Demo project, which shows examples on how to get data through the Api and how to insert data using the Api. When you start implementing your integration to Struct PIM, you might want to go over the detailed API documentation.

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