Installing the Struct PIM Web API

This page shows you how to install the Struct PIM Web API into an empty Web API project.

Create Empty Web API project

Create a new Empty ASP.NET Web Application (.NET Framework) project using .NET framework 4.7.2

Install Struct.PIM.Api package from Nuget

Install the Struct.PIM package from your Struct Nuget source in to your newly created Web project.

This will install the Struct PIM Api into you project along with Swagger.

If Visual Studio prompts you that the install will make changes to SwaggerConfig.cs or web.config, allow it to do so

Set up PIM database connection in web.config

Open your Api project's web.config file and make sure the appSettings node has a subnode with the key Struct.PIM.ConfigurationVersion and a value corresponding to the version of Struct.PIM you have installed. This should automatically be set during the Nuget package install.

Locate the pimDbDSN connectionstring and set it to match your credentials for your MSSQL database for Struct PIM

Compile and start the API

Compile your solution and start up your API site. You can see the Swagger documentation for the API on the [siteUrl]/swagger url

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