Localization & segmentation

Data fields on categories, products, variants, global lists can be localized and even segmented to enable multidimensional data entries for a specific field.


Struct PIM supports any number of languages. Each user is assigned one or more languages which they can view and perhaps edit.

Every attribute type, except Complex and GlobalListValue attributes in the system can be localized. Enabling localization on an attribute adds a dimension to the data entry of that field, allowing for separate data for each language created in the system.

Dimensions & segments

Besides localization, Struct PIM supports the concept of dimensions with segments. Dimensions are created in the system and segments of that dimension is added to it.

When a dimension is created in the system, implementors get the option of making attributes dimension specific to one of the dimensions created in the system. When an attribute is made dimensionspecific, the attribute field allows for separate data for each segment in the dimension.

Example: A company wants to be able to create targeted descriptions of products for each of their sales channel. In this case, a Dimension called "Sales channels" is created and a segment is added to that dimension for each sales channel eg. "Google" and "Amazon". Now, when the "Description" attribute is created, it is configured to be dimensionspecific to the Sales channels dimension. This allows for separate texts in the "Description" data field on products for Google and Amazon respectively.

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