Security management


Any number of users can be created for Struct PIM. Each user has an email and a password, which they login with (if no SSO is configured), and has the languages and segments associated which they have access to. Each assigned language or segment can be set as readonly or editable.

A user can be placed within one or more user groups.

User groups

User groups are used to group users and assign permissions to them. Each user group has a range of permissions assigned, which apply to the users that are placed in the user group.

If a user is placed within multiple user groups, that user will have the sum of all permissions assigned to those user groups

Permissions & permission groups

A range of permissions exist by default in Struct PIM, and they are divided in permission groups. A permission defines an access right described by its name ranging from access to viewing products to configuring data models.

In configurations of global lists, catalogues and product structures, new permissions can be defined to limit users' access to a specific part of the data models.

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