The changelog shows all changes made between Struct PIM v.3 releases. Breaking changes between minor versions are documented here as well.

v. 3.13.13

Released on 30-11-2023
  1. Support creating variant group Excel exports through API
Bug fixes
  1. Dynamic category calculation fails, if a used attribute is removed from entity model (product or variant group)
  2. Unable to save variant group if thumbnail set to variant and there is not variant under the group
  3. XML+JSON export settings are not mapped correctly, when using the PIM API export
  4. Spinner on external tabs is not always removed

v. 3.13.12

Released on 23-11-2023
  1. Re-enable customize in Publications
  2. Add businessrule conditions for testing if Listattribute is empty
Bug fixes
  1. EnrichmentInsightsChangedEvent does not handle VariantGroups
  2. Permission names on workflow transitions are not shown correctly
  3. Search values are not removed when redirect to the search list from a saved search
  4. Changing display settings on variant group names does not take effect
  5. Import of multiple new variant groups fails due to dublicate groupinghash
  6. Support localized value in Liquid template in Publications

v. 3.13.11

Released on 15-11-2023
  1. Merge Complex attribute values when updated from API
Bug fixes
  1. Removing attributes causes Business Rules to fail
  2. Importing with read only key fields fails
  3. PIM ignores error if Elastic request fails because of too many simultaneous requests causing index to be out of sync
  4. Table view: Edit does not work after save
  5. Included missing loader.gif
  6. ResolveAssetUrls have duplicate implementations

v. 3.13.10

Released on 08-11-2023
  1. Showing large import report can cause browser to block completely
  2. Product import: saving a file mapping and saving again afterwards, should prompt the user to update existing file mapping instead of creating a new
  3. Loading a file mapping should clear field targets for fields not in mapping
  4. Search help article updated with examples for numeric attributes
Bug fixes
  1. SVG files cannot render as thumbnail in media picker
  2. Some Business rule condition does not correctly check if any items should be preloaded
  3. Umbraco media model can have unexpected format, causing deserialization to fail when getting asset source

v. 3.13.9

Released on 01-11-2023
  1. Include file src in webhook and service bus events
  2. Include parent id in asset
Bug fixes
  1. Users can edit translations in translationview on readonly attributes
  2. File downloads do not work in swagger
  3. VariantGroupUnArchivedTrigger TriggersOnEvent wrong type
  4. MeasuringPointSettingsType variant group not supported in queryDesigner. Product fields loaded as default
  5. Revisionlog search field triggers ng-dirty
  6. Permission to roll back revision log is not respected in the global changelog section
  7. New Azure cache no longer overrules response header "no-cache"
  8. Sorting of large global lists can occasionally be inconsistent

v. 3.13.8

Released on 26-10-2023
  1. Add "Multiply" and "Divide" as options on bulk update for number fields
Bug fixes
  1. File uploads do not work in swagger
  2. Webp files uploaded together with a variant import, gets wrong media type
  3. Add close method on fullwidth custom search action

v. 3.13.7

Released on 16-10-2023
  1. Deleting elastic documents has no error handling
  2. Allow public access to method GetAndSetDependendData on AttributeFactory
  3. Maintenance: Support Rebuilding Dynamic Categories
Bug fixes
  1. Add optional parameter to for getting categories by name
  2. Cannot create variants if parent attribute is the first attribute on model
  3. Varaint groups under products not updated in index when category moved
  4. Workflow state changed event should not trigger on delete
  5. New products are not added to dynamic categories when using underscores in attribute aliases

v. 3.13.6

Released on 11-10-2023
New features
  1. Optimize AI Assistant background progress logging
  1. Quick export for globallist values
  2. Extend changelog export to include changes
Bug fixes
  1. Segmented global list reference attributes are not shown as a table are not updated in UI, when changing active segment
  2. Improve performance of manual business execution
  3. Key match errors are not countes as errors in import
  4. Correct usage of PIMMediaUploadFolder in ListAttributeExcelImporter
  5. Form is invalid on calculation business rule
  6. Subattribute modifications in business rules fails in copy

v. 3.13.5

Released on 05-10-2023
Bug fixes
  1. Updated dependencies to Microsoft packages can cause problems in loading of dynamic types

v. 3.13.4

Released on 04-10-2023
  1. Enable custom rendering engine i PDF component for Publications
  2. Business Rules: Action that can move a product from one workflow state to another
Bug fixes
  1. Concurrency issue with InternalNote bulkupdate descriptor
  2. Attribute Import fails if more than 124 attributes are updated in a single import
  3. Numbers are compared as strings in import
  4. Get{ItemType}MissingValues does not include dataFieldSearch
  5. When reading decimal values in list import, we need to check for default culture
  6. Null reference exception when rendering list values

v. 3.13.3

Released on 27-09-2023
  1. Allow custom search actions to create full width overlays
  2. Add support for GPT-4 in AI assistant
  3. Get datasupplier import request process report from import request uid
Bug fixes
  1. Error when calculation workflows after merging products
  2. Changelog page does not support variant groups in items changed in transaction
  3. Search in new supplier portal does not support the use of "!" correctly
  4. It's possible to delete attributes used on Variant group model
  5. Show variant group reference in attributes overview
  6. Handle change of attribute used on variant group
  7. Update variant group index when ProductStructure is Updated

v. 3.13.2

Released on 20-09-2023
Bug fixes
  1. Validation of used attributes on Enrichment insights not supporting multiple setups per insight
  2. Deleting product works correctly but shows two error messages
  3. Unable to save a new attributte
  4. Import requests only tells the user how many products is being sent to approval
  5. Error when comitting approvals to item change requests

v. 3.13.1

Released on 19-09-2023
Bug fixes
  1. License check missing for workflows and Azure service bus
  2. ServiceBus table migration fails

v. 3.13.0

Released on 18-09-2023
New features
  1. Add native workflow management
  2. Support exporting to XML and JSON
  3. New system tab or attribute that allows for showing data from an external URL
  4. Default columns for all new users
  5. Enable custom actions for Variant Groups in pim search
  1. Update thumbnail and internal name, when updating entities in backoffice
  2. Add native support for sending events to AzureServiceBus
  3. Improve GetChangelog() performance
  4. Add dashboard widget to show open import requests from data suppliers
  5. Add support for setting responsible on data suppliers
  6. Add backend support for sending variants to approval from supplier portal
  7. Update data supplier entity import request approval UI in PIM
  8. Save report with result of a processed data supplier import request
  9. Add import request dashboard per supplier on message board
  10. Update UI of Data supplier message thread
  11. Add support for triggering a business rule manually for all entities (Often desired when creating a new business rule)
  12. Improve SearchChangelog() performance
  13. Aggregate variant data businessrule action
  14. Add Uid to AttributeGroup
  15. Optimize background task cleaner
  16. Configuring webhooks through the API
  17. Add setup of authentication headers to webhooks
  18. Enable custom headers for webhook requests
  19. Able to manage user and groups via API
  20. Add basic authentication to DAM extension
  21. Add business rule action - Reset attribute value
  22. Add parent attribute as PIM view only attribute
  23. Add API endpoints to trigger index rebuilds
  24. Support selecting sub attributes when displaying list attribute as a table
  25. Publications - add support for variant group
Bug fixes
  1. Missing specification attributes to add in datasupplier attribute templates
  2. Import from Excel adds unnecessary <p> tags on line breaks
  3. Using underscore in globallist attribute aliases can cause issues in dynamic group builder
  4. Searching in new supplierportal does not follow PIM search setup 1:1
  5. SetClassifications batch endpoint missing CategoryIdsSorted
  6. Transactions search returns Total item count as Total pages
  7. Select dropdown is sometimes hidden behind footer
  8. Fix cross index missing update for variant attributes on variant group when variant is moved within a product to a new variant group
  9. API Categories missing VariantGroupQuery data
  10. Anchor not working with insert pages in Publications

v. 3.12.15

Released on 26-09-2023
Bug fixes
  1. Import - ListData Complex sub values not rendered correctly

v. 3.12.14

Released on 13-09-2023
  1. Supplier portal configuration: wrong hints on buttons
  2. Business rules: Warn user if data field to copy from and to are the same.
  3. Validate AttributeScope and AttributeGroup exist when creating/updating an attribute
Bug fixes
  1. Changelog not visible in menu even if user has permission
  2. Supplier Portal: Upload file throws error when chosen filemapping has empty to-fields
  3. Media URL with the "File" type is empty in Excel exports
  4. Rename fields on AttributeChange can throw object reference
  5. Index not updating when attribute gets removed from variation definition
  6. PIM updates variant index when products sort order in any category changes
  7. Segmented and localized data allow set data when data element is not initialized
  8. GetEntityDataElementValues for variants businessrules implements wrong methods
  9. If an original value is null, rollback fails due to error in fixed list data validation
  10. Clearing dynamic category queries on product/variant groups should remove existing products/variant groups from category.
  11. Product attributes without any attribute changes, can trigger error in businessrule
  12. "Rebuild PIM references" fails when no values
  13. In a business rule, when comparing previous values on a boolean attribute, it can be null
  14. Businessrule event for VariantGroupCreated is triggering wrong event
  15. Header and Footer not hidden on group pages in Publications
  16. Toc and Page info missing in header/footer when using Liquid as RenderEngine in Publication

v. 3.12.13

Released on 29-08-2023
  1. Avoid exceptions in ContextHelper
  2. Support bulk adding internal notes
  3. Support updating category attributes on product dynamically, when updating primary category on same product
  4. Expose a backgroundtask object trough the IExporter interface
  5. API: Add IsSystemPermission to Permission and PermissionGroup
  6. API - Support geting revision data from transactions endpoint by item id
  7. Add support for batch evaluation during imports of large number of records
  8. Save latest product structure used in merge
  9. Merge products transaction can be very long
  10. Updating sequentially has fixed column sizes
  11. Show name of dashboard widget in search, when filter is applied
  12. New ExportFieldDescriptor for attached attributes
Bug fixes
  1. Import should not count key columns as errors
  2. Invalid global lists can be created through the API
  3. Delete catalogue button not working
  4. BackgroundTask PercentageDone wrong when Variant or VariantGroup count < 1000. Issue to Variant and VariantGroup rebuild index tasks.

v. 3.12.12

Released on 16-08-2023
Bug fixes
  1. Cannot update/create dynamic queries if items to add exceeds 2100
  2. Merging products can create a faulty dummy variant
  3. API: dynamic queries cannot be updated when QueryOperator does not have a filter value
  4. Don't throw exception if FixedList has sub attributes with null value

v. 3.12.11

Released on 10-08-2023
Bug fixes
  1. Indexing error message when creating a new PIM instance with Elastic Index
  2. Business rule condition for updated attribute values fails in some cases
  3. Insert pages not working in Publications when used through API
  4. Import cannot match attribute values if key values contains uppercase characters

v. 3.12.10

Released on 31-07-2023
Bug fixes
  1. Global list attribute definitions are always sent to UI causing extensive memory footprint in some cases
  2. Cannot rollback large transaction due to SQL 2100 parameter limit
  3. Rollback dates will always be blank/null on products and global lists
  4. Not possible to use date fields as part of variant definition
  5. Allow nullable Segmented and Localized data in T4 template
  6. Fix issue with VariantGroups in T4 template when not enabled in PIM
  7. When importing a global list with a list/complex attribute the preview does not show sub attributes
  8. Dashboard, bar chart widget, does not work with sub fields
  9. When generating variants from UI, it is possible to add 3 boolean values (true, false, undefined)
  10. Dynamic categories are not created correctly through API

v. 3.12.9

Released on 11-07-2023
  1. Improve error handling for OnPIMTransactionCompleted
Bug fixes
  1. /variants/batch/attributevalues does not always find correct valid attributes

v. 3.12.8

Released on 07-07-2023
  1. Add OnCompleted event to PIMTransaction
  2. CategoryReference - Allow selecting categories from all catalogues
  3. Update "VariantIndex_UpdateWhenProductIsUpdated" in system queue to batch variants
  4. Revisionlog - When clicking "Load more", do not jump to top of revisionlog
Bug fixes
  1. Creation of Enrichment Insights fail if name and label not filled out
  2. Error when trying to import Global List when not using Elasticsearch
  3. Fix description details for reference attributes
  4. FixedListAttribute is not shown as locked when found through a product structure
  5. ToC not working for Liquid engine in Publications

v. 3.12.7

Released on 26-06-2023
  1. Improve memory footprint in Publications MultiCatalogue
Bug fixes
  1. T4 template generates invalid model if attributes is added on ProductModel and Category
  2. Error occurs when creating new Enrichment Insight setup with a product structure configuration
  3. Missing "Load more" button in revisions for globallistvalues
  4. API GetCollection(s) Null ref exception when a collection does not have a query
  5. Server-provided error messages in the C# client library
  6. Exporting asset url's from products on variant groups or variant groups on variants does not work

v. 3.12.6

Released on 16-06-2023
New features
  1. Improve bulk update report for List attribute
  1. Support enriching multiple languages when bulk updating list attributes with localized subattribute
  2. When bulk updating, add option in attribute dropdown to update all languages for any localized attribute
  3. Add search to enrichment insight setups
  4. Support importing and exporting attribute attachments on categories
  5. Add new businessrule actions to AI assistent
Bug fixes
  1. Toggle in PIM search has a too narrow clickable field in some cases
  2. Internal linking (anchor) in Publications not working for multipage

v. 3.12.5

Released on 06-06-2023
  1. Importing date type values from excel must respect culture selected in PIM
  2. Improve Publication error handling when using PDF engine
  3. Add maxheight to comments made in internalnote and task comments
Bug fixes
  1. Internal linking (anchor) in Publications not working
  2. Cannot delete custom permission if more than one global list have same backoffice name
  3. Changelog browser: when fetching changes for a bulk update on a global list, no data is displayed
  4. Complete rebuild of variant index fails if a localized value is null
  5. Ensure same category order in Publications as display in PIM catalogue

v. 3.12.4

Released on 31-05-2023
  1. Separate global list edit permission into create, edit/update, delete
Bug fixes
  1. Translate Data is visible in "Actions" even though the module is not active on the license
  2. When there is no licens umbraco boot fails
  3. Importing values to variants which are inheriting their current value does not map imported values correctly

v. 3.12.3

Released on 24-05-2023
  1. API client support for dimension endpoints
  2. API Add methods to get attribute uids from attribute scope uids.
Bug fixes
  1. async POST, DELETE, PATCH, PUT methods wrongly executes GET action as well, when using client .NET library
  2. async POST, DELETE, PATCH, PUT methods do not expose actual error from PIM in client .NET library, when an Exception occurs
  3. Removing a product from a catalogue, isn't indexed to variantindex
  4. Fix typo in revisions log
  5. Business rules - boolean attibute condition, empty/null values

v. 3.12.2

Released on 16-05-2023
  1. Business Rules: More criteria options for attributes on conditions
  2. Business Rules: Possible to use Internal ID as a condition
  3. Add support for managing dimensions through API
  4. Add working indicator on button clicks
  5. Add default columns to List attribute table views
  6. Support copy variants to another product
  7. AI Translate data - compare with current
  8. Support run copy variants in backgroundtask
  9. Global list chosen columns are reset on refresh
  10. Support custom icon on custom search actions
Bug fixes
  1. Global lists of type attribute reference throw error
  2. Dynamic category created with product query does not index variant groupings right after creation
  3. It is possible to create dublicate enrichment insight setups for the same product structure and/or category
  4. Trying to bulk update a list attribute with table-view enabled throws error
  5. Language and segment is placed over eachother in a segmented list attribute with localized subattribute
  6. Business rule interface results in error if condition is compare to complex attribute
  7. When making any change to a product structure everything is reindexed with no paging
  8. Business Rules: Attribute names does not follow naming convention
  9. Cannot save AI generated texts if some are neither approved nor declined
  10. MediaApiController GetAssests - ensure unique ids
  11. Legacy scope available in Publication
  12. Inconsistent ToC paging in large multipage publications

v. 3.12.1

Released on 09-05-2023
Bug fixes
  1. Variant search renders time component on date attributes even though it is only a date field
  2. Auto translate hangs when trying to auto translate all fields on a product using AI assistant
  3. Input for internal notes always marks form as dirty causing "Discard changes" dialog to appear when leaving entity
  4. Copying of product catalog fails if catalog has one or more identifiers defined
  5. Translations missing from changelog header
  6. PIM cannot start if list of enabled features is null

v. 3.12.0

Released on 03-05-2023
New features
  1. Introduce AI assistant to help with text generation and translation
  2. Add support for quick log notes on entities in PIM
  3. Add Changelog compression support
  4. Add support for copying a product from search actions
  5. Sort attributes as set on primary category in Publications data
  6. Hide css in indesign templating in Publications
  1. Add business rule action to change products structure
  2. Delete media folder does not warn if medias are referenced
  3. Introduce changelog browser
  4. Add support for building large exports in background task
  5. Make ToC references available in ToC header/footer
  6. Variant reference attribute should allow restricting to selected variation definitions
  7. Filemapping transformation - Apply RegEx on output
Bug fixes
  1. Remember catalogue selected for preview in Publications

v. 3.11.10

Released on 01-05-2023
  1. Add link to mediabank on media attribute
  2. Webhook request log - support paging
  3. Add support for deleting languages
  4. When importing multiple keys, comparing matches takes along time
  5. Table view of a list attribute renders media attributes without possibility to download/open media
  6. Empty columns in search can not be clicked on margin
  7. Name configuration of variation definition should be required
Bug fixes
  1. Supplier Portal: Unable to undo change
  2. Sorting tabs in product model edit insert tab in a random place some times.
  3. Sorting Media picker items insert items in a random order including add button.
  4. SystemQueue job VariantGroupIndex_UpdateWhenGlobalListValuesAreUpdated fails to run
  5. Classifying product with enrichment insight triggers event with duplicate ids

v. 3.11.9

Released on 25-04-2023
  1. Retention on background task
  2. Possible to see the Internal ID in the sidebar
  3. Show legacy headers like in v2
  4. Display name of new values in global list import
Bug fixes
  1. Global list mandatory subattribute is allowed to be empty for new values
  2. UI breaks when creating user tasks, if one or more users exist with multiple whitespaces between first- and lastname
  3. Sort order when managing File Mappings is random
  4. Overflow in legacy search headers gives alignment issue
  5. Merge of products with variants causes Elastic inconsistency, continued
  6. Global list value created from product page missing in UI after tab change.
  7. Using attribute fields as key when importing global list values from Excel does not recognize existing values

v. 3.11.8

Released on 11-04-2023
  1. Quick export very slow for large exports
Bug fixes
  1. Treemenu does not show correct number of product nodes if a lot of classified products are archived
  2. Quick export excludes archived items
  3. Merge of products with variants causes Elastic inconsistency
  4. Cannot load tree menu, if no license key has been entered
  5. API - GetProductStructure(s) throws exception if any productstructures does not have a variant group
  6. Collection duplicate columns when making "Or" query on the same field
  7. PagedSearch endpoints are missing from Interfaces

v. 3.11.7

Released on 31-03-2023
  1. Easy way to identify unused global list values
  2. Optimize performance of requesting attribute values from back in time
  3. StructPIMComponent - set RunBackgroundTasks through app settings
  4. Import with many columns is hard on the DOM
  5. Add option to run copy product in a backgroundtask
  6. Add support for legacy PIM v2 column headers
  7. Support exporting variation definitions for variants
Bug fixes
  1. Invalid product structures can be created through the API.
  2. Archive product always archive variants and variant groups from ProductAPIController
  3. Business Rules rounds down instead of up
  4. Not able to cancel copy wizard
  5. API variants/batch/attributevalues 500 when id doesn't exist
  6. Danish language on Umbraco user changes how numbers are shown in inputs resulting in invalid data
  7. Global list variant group reference does not count as PIM reference in front end
  8. Not able to delete copy wizard from product structure
  9. Bad status for system task at application shutdown
  10. Multiple async subrule triggers causing null values

v. 3.11.6

Released on 22-03-2023
  1. Add VariantGroups to T4 template
  2. Add optional identifier to datasupplier
Bug fixes
  1. Rebuilding variant group identifiers clears both product and variant identifiers
  2. DeleteGlobalListValues does not check for GetReferencingVariantGroups before delete
  3. Automatically set filemapping on field in import

v. 3.11.5

Released on 20-03-2023
  1. Allow using wizard when copying product
Bug fixes
  1. Allow selection of default variation definition on Merge products
  2. Cannot import a mix of new media items and existing images (referenced by id)
  3. Cannot delete attribute scope
  4. Adding global list reference to existing complex attribute fails
  5. [Entity] value trigger in business rule does not trigger correctly on sub elements of attributes when 2 or more values are changed in one transaction
  6. Business rule trigger for changes in sub elements of attributes can fail, if change is made to an empty value
  7. UI does not update attribute values on products/variants, which are specified on primary category, when business rule changes them

v. 3.11.4

Released on 13-03-2023
  1. Enable variant groups on existing product structure should create variant group elastic index automatically
  2. Allow setting variantgroup sortorder through api when updating variant
  3. Switch around the order of "Create task" action in search
  4. Unnecessary click on "close" in restore inheritance dialog after restoring inheritance
  5. Add support for extended Elastic settings for cluster setup
  6. Support Paged search in PIM Api
  7. PIM search column header padding
  8. Filemapping transformation - text length
  9. Allow selection of elements on current page in search in PIM
Bug fixes
  1. Business rule with trigger on enrichment insights is triggered upon rebuilding index and failing
  2. Boolean values are empty in search untill explicitly set to true and then back to false
  3. PIM initialization fails if Elastic cluster is not ready upon startup
  4. variant groups is not indexed on parent categories
  5. Create variant groups is only available from catalogue tree
  6. Search in PIM uses old header value in input field when adding a new column
  7. Reduce clicks on Merge products
  8. Sort order on products in categories is nulled
  9. Updating variant value queries for variantgroups even if variantgroups is not enabled

v. 3.11.3

Released on 27-02-2023
Bug fixes
  1. Bulk update - fixed list update, possible null ref
  2. Filtering attribute values by scopes results in error in API
  3. Bad requestmodel for GetNumberOfProductsInCategories end point in API

v. 3.11.2

Released on 21-02-2023
  1. Enable Contains/NotContains operator for global list attributes and categories in dynamic group setup
  2. Support selecting subelements of attributes to trigger business rules on
  3. Possible to search for Category Path on variant level
  4. Trigger sub rule - add subcategories and descendant categories as 'entities to execute for'
  5. Quick export selected items
Bug fixes
  1. Merging product to an existing product which has variants, disregards achieved variants.
  2. Revision log is empty on variants, when inheritance is restored and restored value equals the overridden value
  3. Update attribute value business rule action fails when updating only a sub attribute of a complex attribute
  4. Sort order of complex attributes are not saved
  5. Bulk update global list attribute - replace option error
  6. Settings node is visible in some cases when it should not be
  7. Disallow classifying products in Product classification tab if insufficient permissions
  8. Error loading product preview when creating new dynamic category
  9. Business rules action - Updating boolean value throws exception
  10. No actions available for businessrule VariantRuleAction trigger
  11. Media-picker and relation-picker directive add button is sortable
  12. Reserved tags not enabled in ToC in Publications

v. 3.11.1

Released on 09-02-2023
  1. Add support for exporting Archived and Archived Reason
  2. Lists in PIM shows Page 1 of 0 when there are no results
Bug fixes
  1. Business rule engine does not allow any actions for enrichment insight changed triggers
  2. Dynamic category query returns all items instead of none, if it has contained a query, which is then removed
  3. Custom BusinessRuleAction causes System.Transactions.TransactionManagerCommunicationException
  4. Variants are not associated to variant groups, when variant group configuration is setup on product structure with existing variants
  5. Indexing of global list references fails, when using SQL index searcher
  6. Permission management: cannot change pages

v. 3.11.0

Released on 07-02-2023
This release contains breaking changes.
  • Internal signatures of GetDataElementValue have changed. Be aware for custom extensions. Has no influence on cloud deployments

  • Signature for MultiPage publications changed in Api Client. Now ItemType, PageSize and CustomValues is allowed as parameters

New features
  1. Add support for multiple attribute scopes per attribute
  2. Business rule engine
  3. Support fetching webhooks and webhook reqeusts from API
  4. Dynamic groups
  5. Change category sort direction for products in sub categories
  6. Introduce variant groupings
  7. Extend data input for Indesign in Publications
  8. Add support for task assignment to users and user groups
  9. Add Create, read, update, delete interface for permissions + permission groups
  10. Add support for quick export in search view
  11. Support bulk update on global lists
  12. Support advanced import of global lists like (like import of products and variants)
  13. Optimize enrichment insights DB access
  1. Sorting guides missing for sorting columns on the search list
  2. Add support for fallback languages and segments in Excel exports (BC)
  3. Allow config definition of amount of background threads in bootstrap options
  4. Improve performance of "Columns" view in search in PIM
  5. Add new global list permissions for creation and deletion of values
  6. Optimize performance of SystemQueue execution
  7. Add support for setting default language and dimensions for new users
  8. Support conditional webhook triggering on subelements of attributes (ie. specific segments or langauges)
  9. Remember last used product or variant in Search for products
  10. Add specific permissions for different bulk actions in list attributes (override, replace, add/update)
  11. When importing medias it should be possible to choose media folder, pr. import
  12. Enrichment insights on technical specifications aren't inherited from categories
  13. Webhooks - retry logic
  14. Global list permission view/edit should be split up into separate permissions
  15. Support permission for sharing dashboard tabs
  16. Move permission "merge products" from "edit products" to it's own permission
  17. Require permission to be able to create saved searches
  18. Optimize publication cleanup
  19. Optimize enrichment insights entity lookup
  20. Allow filtering entities in Enrichment insights widget
  21. New template engine in Publications (Liquid)
  22. Allow setting OwnerReferenceKey on classifications, when creating products
  23. Remember last used tab on products/variants/categories
  24. Cannot set global list keys for complex global list attribute in API
  25. Can't see if a attribute is used on a category
  26. API client missing mismatch with publications (BC)
  27. Sort attributes as set in Product Structure in Publications data
  28. Check All API permission button
  29. Navigate to search result from enrichment insights widget
  30. Copy feature when managing enrichment insights
Bug fixes
  1. List type missing wrapper element for values in Publication dataset (xslt only)
  2. Supplier Portal: Does not adhere to readonly status on languages and dimensions
  3. Propagating variant index updates as a consequence of global list value updates fails, if the same attribute references the same global list value multiple times
  4. Updating inherited enrichment indsights in systemqueue task sometimes fails with a timeout
  5. Supplier Portal: Rich text editor is not displayed
  6. Supplier Portal: Multi line text fields are displayed as single line
  7. Supplier portal: Product suggestion displays a broken link, if not set up correctly
  8. Supplier Portal: Broken image link when image not added
  9. Supplier Portal: Language-tags overlaps with text-box
  10. RTE and translation mode breaks UI/styling
  11. Sequential update frontend/graphic issues
  12. Variant update should have a nicer response, when variant doesn't exsist

v. 3.10.23

Released on 06-02-2023
Bug fixes
  1. Handle cross indexed values from product to variant correctly when variant is moved
  2. Javascript check for integer on import always true

v. 3.10.22

Released on 24-01-2023
New features
  1. Make Catalogue properties available on group data in Publications
  1. Display applied filters to collections
Bug fixes
  1. Sort order of category attributes is not inherited to subcategories
  2. Fully support custom footer/header for ToC in Publications
  3. Unit is not displayed if an attribute with a unit is used in the display name
  4. Conditional webhook requests contains all itemids from transaction
  5. error message when no default variant definition is created
  6. browse/categories returns faulty data
  7. Error rendering Razor data

v. 3.10.21

Released on 17-01-2023
New features
  1. Optimize category sort order for ToC use in Publications
  1. Rebuild PIM references - handle changes while rebuilding
  2. Change access modifiers for methods in ExcelFileReader
Bug fixes
  1. Use read only fields as keys in import
  2. Matching items from import keys with many matches, times out in elastic
  3. On never before filled attributes, editormodel can mistake inheritance
  4. Xml rendering error for header/footer when using customdata in ToC
  5. Use real PDF size for rendering have no effect on header/footer in Publications
  6. Allow fallback language on sub attributes
  7. Name is not updated on variant when Global List value is changed and it is used on naming model in variant definitions
  8. Error when switching language on tab containing a readonly or unchangeable list attribute
  9. item order is not retained when building PDF catalogue

v. 3.10.20

Released on 21-12-2022
  1. Include failed identifier in error message
  2. Support exporting product structure for variants and products
  3. Reordering a media attribute's images sometimes moves the add link too
Bug fixes
  1. Error when using import on a sub attribute from a global list attribute that is segmented
  2. Use external DAM not set in importcontext

v. 3.10.19

Released on 13-12-2022
  1. Search on completeness shows error until criteria fully entered
Bug fixes
  1. Filter is preserved when loading search page, even if user has previously removed it
  2. Saved search dashboard widget, reload does not refresh background color
  3. Permission to manage export templates does not make the link visible in menu
  4. Error in Enrichment Insight when adding combined category - product structure insights
  5. Rollback revision on a global list is possible without permission
  6. It is possible to add values to a global list from global liste value picker shown as table, even though the user does not have edit rights
  7. When removing all user groups that can access file mapping, no one has access instead of everyone
  8. Import uses wrong elastic field uid for key fields on complex attributes

v. 3.10.18

Released on 06-12-2022
  1. NumberAttributes should support 20 decimals
  2. Show the name of the dimension segments belong to, when showing segment on products, variants and categories
Bug fixes
  1. An unchanageable attribute can be saved through UI, even if it has got a value from API in the meantime
  2. Identifiers does not ignore null values when a separator is used in pattern
  3. Changing a non-localized attribute to localized breaks product creation, if enrichment insight references the non-localized attribute
  4. Edit/create text attribute - use multi row text and use rich text not aligned
  5. Setting up enrichment insight on product specifications, locks the categories below
  6. Enrichment insight setup, headline/name is missing
  7. Search filters are not preserved when going away from search page
  8. Revision log by field shows incorrect username
  9. Category attributes 'Editable on' doesn't update correctly on categories that have been moved
  10. Switching between dynamic tabs or sections causes double initialization of content
  11. API: Updating a fixedlist attribute with a value uid does not validate that the uid actually belongs to the global list

v. 3.10.17

Released on 28-11-2022
Bug fixes
  1. Limit on elastic fields can result in empty fields in search

v. 3.10.16

Released on 24-11-2022
  1. Support making globallist keys case insensitive
  2. Increase max number of indexable fields from 10.000 to 100.000
  3. Enable search on media original name containing special characters
  4. Support for selectable text in Publications
  5. Uploading file in backoffice with DAM extension enabled, can cause issues
Bug fixes
  1. Clicking upload after media upload is failed, triggers selectmediatype too soon
  2. Complex attribute with AllowMultupleRows on a translatable sub attribute is not migrated correctly from v2 to v3
  3. Elastic indexing fails if field data is larger than 32kb

v. 3.10.15

Released on 15-11-2022
  1. Remove legacy methods in ProductBroker
Bug fixes
  1. An empty Product Reference attribute inconsistently returns 0 or null through the API
  2. Global list copy function should unlock unchangeable fields
  3. Moving category from tree menu fails
  4. Comparison of global list values can fail in seldom cases, if list of selected values is null instead of an empty list
  5. Languages are initialized before migrations causing migration to fail

v. 3.10.14

Released on 15-11-2022
  1. Separate Create Products / Create Variants / Copy products / Copy variants permission
  2. Ability to sort languages
  3. Add new permissions for exporting from PIM and edit dashboard
  4. Increase elastic field limit from 5k to 10k

v. 3.10.13

Released on 03-11-2022
New features
  1. Extend Attributefacade with method to retrieve attributes based on their attributetype
  1. Add flag icon for locale en-001 "English (World)"
  2. Add support for dependency injection of RequestHandler in API client
Bug fixes
  1. Changing of product structure fails, if no variation definitions exist for new product structure
  2. Error when using Razor with Variant Publications
  3. Queue error in Export Publications
  4. Use PIM security permission "View auditlog"

v. 3.10.12

Released on 17-10-2022
New features
  1. Support for adding custom data in Publications preview
  1. Exporters - Display exception message in PIM interface
  2. Add Excel export endpoint to API
  3. Add download link to backgroundtask
  4. Introduce 'BeforeCreated, BeforeUpdated and BeforeDeleted' events on products, variants and categories
  5. Wording of "Parent product update" in webhook conditional triggering can be confusing
  6. Add interfaces for endpoints in .NET client
Bug fixes
  1. Complex and List attributes on a complex ignores permission for input
  2. Fix support for complex CustomData structures in Publications
  3. File import sets attribute values that are not included in product configuration
  4. It is possible to import data to attributes which the user does not have access to
  5. Build complete status not always set correct for Publications through PIM API
  6. Reference mapping error in Publications data
  7. Error restoring inheritance on localized values in some scenarioes
  8. SystemQueue can end up having hanging tasks in cases of untimed shutdown of application
  9. Move category model backoffice endpoint model expecting single category
  10. API client missing mismatch with publications
  11. Error downloading multiple publications in single request through API

v. 3.10.11

Released on 07-10-2022
Bug fixes
  1. Drag and drop of dashboard widgets no longer work in most browsers
  2. Group Values changed to AttributeValues in Json preview in Publications

v. 3.10.10

Released on 05-10-2022
Bug fixes
  1. Missing name on variant single page Publications
  2. Import of list attribute data fails, if an empty media item is part of the import
  3. Backoffice rendering of media items fail, if an empty media reference is added
  4. Import of dates does not use same culture as the one used for exports
  5. Adding multiple attributes to a category does not work

v. 3.10.9

Released on 22-09-2022
  1. Require confirmation if PIM transaction affects >X items
Bug fixes
  1. Error when adding enrichment insight to category
  2. Only show add global-list-value button when permission
  3. Fix "Move variants" permission
  4. Rendering global list reference as list in list attribute rendered as list causes error

v. 3.10.8

Released on 13-09-2022
Bug fixes
  1. GET productstructures fails when publicationpreview attribute is set on productconfiguration
  2. Cannot enable list view of list attributes within global list

v. 3.10.7

Released on 08-09-2022
  1. Optimize data load in Publications
  2. Remove Enrichment overhead in Search if no Enrichment Insights set
  3. Support limiting product reference picker to specific product structure
  4. Allow enrichment insights on root attributes
Bug fixes
  1. Number attributes can no longer have "-" in them
  2. User can select variants from other products, even though variant reference attribute is configured to only allow variants of the product
  3. Footer transform error with XSLT in Publications

v. 3.10.6

Released on 30-08-2022
Bug fixes
  1. Underscore is not valid in attribute alias in 3.0.0 migration
  2. Importing media reference in supplier portal causes exception
  3. Enrichment-insight "Model name" not rendered as text
  4. Revision log by Field has exception if no changes in revision
  5. Revision log empty when boolean value is changed from null to false
  6. Optimize performance for indexing cross indexed fields

v. 3.10.5

Released on 25-08-2022
Bug fixes
  1. Duplicate key exception is triggered on changing primary category
  2. Users cannot access filemappings, if they don't have user group access
  3. Publication script error

v. 3.10.4

Released on 23-08-2022
  1. Descriptions when creating attribute is incorrect
Bug fixes
  1. Api client should return Task instead of void for async methods
  2. Variant import will not let you import value from same Global list
  3. Global list reference with table display enabled does not render correct, when Elastic is used for indexing

v. 3.10.3

Released on 19-08-2022
Bug fixes
  1. Global list reference attributes with multiselect of global list values containing dates cannot be indexed to Elastic

v. 3.10.2

Released on 19-08-2022
Bug fixes
  1. Indexing of dates in lists can break in certain cases
  2. It is possible to change which global list a global list reference points to, causing indexing problems
  3. Enrichment insights are not calculated for categories
  4. Breadcrumb does not show correct path when creating new product in category

v. 3.10.1

Released on 18-08-2022
Bug fixes
  1. Removing all attributes from category throws error
  2. Dimensions with no values create errors on all products
  3. StructPIMApiClient fails, if more than one object of this class is instantiated
  4. When updating a global list value, which is inherited to variants, the value is not updated in the variant index

v. 3.10.0

Released on 12-08-2022
This release contains breaking changes.
  • The transaction property of PIMEventArgs not contains a TransactionModel instead of the PIMTransaction

    When AndCommittedEventArgs are fired, Username is null, because there is no transaction.

  • We have had to change the indexing of dates in list attributes, so if any model contains a list attribute with a date time attribute within it, a full rebuild of the indexes is required for these list attributes to work

  • The endpoint “enrichmentinsightsetups/{entityType}/{configurationUid}/availabledatareferences“ has been changed to “enrichmentinsightsetups/{entityType}/availabledatareferences“. ConfigurationUid is now provided as a querystring parameter instead of as a path parameter.

New features
  1. Add support for Enrichment insights based on master categories (BC)
  2. Add catalogue placement as export field on variants
  3. Support adding attributes to workbench
  4. New widget type to present completeness metrics from enrichment insights
  5. Add entity selector support for supplier portal
  6. Make complete category path searchable for products in Search
  7. Support toggle html preview in Publications
  8. Support variant selection in Publication preview
  9. Support fallback language on data in Publications
  10. Combine multiple items in single page Publication
  1. Allow specifying columns in "search result" widget
  2. Search in revision log
  3. Support user specific filemappings
  4. Language change should be easier available
  5. Make it possible to easily navigate to last page in media-picker
  6. Catalogue tree language should not change with translation language
  7. measuring point assumes isarchived = false in query
  8. Communication around emails not clear under "Settings"->"Setup"
  9. Handle aggregated indexing through queue instead of in app async methods
  10. Changing attribute type may cause elastic indexing to work
  11. Support combine items for single page Publications
  12. Rebuild index tasks - Applying index task may cause excessive RAM usage
  13. Add the possibility to use "Saved searches" as quick searches on the search page
  14. Add support for copying attribute
  15. Support multiple products in Publication preview
  16. Optimize editor for Publication
  17. Possibility to sort products within categories via API
  18. Support getting Umbraco properties on media items through asset API
  19. Support async methods in API client
  20. Add support for copying global list values
Bug fixes
  1. *AndCommittedEventArgs Should set username (BC)
  2. Searching a specific date in a list attribute yields wrong results (BC)
  3. Timeout when rebuilding collections with many items
  4. Sub category attribute sorting not updated correct
  5. Supplier login notification data scheme looks strange
  6. Swagger documentation wrong in URL
  7. Culture mismatch between server and client in transactionendpoint
  8. Umbraco mediacontroller wrong order on folders
  9. Rebuilding identifiers yields timeout if there are too many identifiers
  10. List import doesn't seem to match on identifier correctly
  11. List import key mapping doesn't include "Identifier"
  12. Import - "composite" keys for globallist values should not be allowed
  13. Variant is not listed in category when adding product to category from the classification tab
  14. Background task bulkupdate has potential to get SQL timeout
  15. Cannot search variant identifier containing "+" in API endpoint
  16. Cannot create global-list-value with empty list-value as key
  17. Rebuild product identifiers - timeout
  18. Indexes are not rebuilt when a product catalogue is deleted
  19. Empty search in measuring point set wrong filtervalue in json
  20. Attribute excel import fails in browser
  21. Scheduled task DatabaseMaintenance failed(timeout)
  22. Group pages not mapped correctly in Publications

v. 3.9.19

Released on 11-08-2022
  1. Change access modifiers on import properties

v. 3.9.18

Released on 21-07-2022
Bug fixes
  1. Translation view not showing localized values for List attribute type

v. 3.9.17

Released on 15-07-2022
Bug fixes
  1. Fix exception in Struct.PIM.Api.Models when deserializing custom models
  2. Attribute values with global list references are not rendered correctly, when restoring inheritance

v. 3.9.16

Released on 11-07-2022
Bug fixes
  1. Restoring inheritance can become impossible for localized values in some cases

v. 3.9.15

Released on 14-06-2022
Bug fixes
  1. Enrichment insights are not initialized on startup

v. 3.9.14

Released on 08-06-2022
  1. Allow public access to shared excel file reader class
Bug fixes
  1. API - search endpoint, datetime formatting
  2. Import global list values with image references to external DAM
  3. Missing data in variant Publication

v. 3.9.13

Released on 01-06-2022
  1. Search - media thumbnails and large page size slows the system
Bug fixes
  1. Multi page variant Publication build error

v. 3.9.12

Released on 17-05-2022
  1. Show date in the background task dashboard widget
Bug fixes
  1. Shortcuts should always be local to the user (even on default dashboard and shared dashboards)
  2. Error occurs when user has no dashboard associated

v. 3.9.11

Released on 16-05-2022
  1. Show thumbnail for PDF's
  2. Category enrichment insights not searchable in UI
  3. Load dashboard tabs when clicked
  4. Manuel search is cleared when navigating back to search, when search is initiated from dashboard widget
  5. Date is not shown in background task log
Bug fixes
  1. IdentifierBroker.GetIdentifiers(alias, type) doesn't use type
  2. Exception is thrown when selecting all categories in "search in pim"
  3. Shortcuts cannot be sorted in UI
  4. Dashboard throws error, if no tabs are defined
  5. GetProductAttributeValues() throws error when retrieving data for a timestamp prior to productmodel being changed
  6. SQL index search includes archived products/variants in results shown in widgets
  7. Number input allows users to input letters even though they are ignored
  8. List attributes on variants indexed to product search do not render correctly in UI
  9. Users can get multiple dashboards, if new dashboard is created from default dashboard
  10. Changing Global NewtonSoft serialization settings in API client can cause problems when calling PIM API
  11. Cannot create category search measuring point from Create Widget UI

v. 3.9.10

Released on 04-05-2022
Bug fixes
  1. Format attribute required for image tag to display in Publications
  2. Page number incorrect when using regions in Publications
  3. Include importcontext using typecast update attributevalues
  4. MediaSearchResult has potentential chance for null ref
  5. Background tasks can run out of available threads
  6. Read-only rights on languages and dimensions persists across logins
  7. It is not possible to save a category search as a measuring point
  8. List attribute in table view does not respect rights
  9. It is possible to edit global list configurations without edit rights
  10. It is possible to edit product catalogues even if the user doesn't have edit rights for catalogues.

v. 3.9.8

Released on 25-04-2022
  1. List names of empty when showing error message "global list value cannot be empty"
  2. Trigger webhook when category sort order is updated
Bug fixes
  1. Supplier-portal: Hide suggest product/variant when no wizard is configured
  2. Product configuration cannot be saved when a custom InsightsDataDescriptor is implemented
  3. Problem with duplicate global list values when using part of localized text as key definition

v. 3.9.7

Released on 19-04-2022
Bug fixes
  1. Remove option for changing master catalogue in UI
  2. Indexing product, variant or category references on variants fail
  3. Unarchiving product through API also unarchives products' variants
  4. Exporting classification descriptor throws "too many params" exception
  5. Classifying products makes product edit page fail

v. 3.9.6

Released on 31-03-2022
New features
  1. Use default template size when exporting publications if none set
Bug fixes
  1. If all globallists are empty we divide by zero when rebuilding global list index.
  2. PIM API - /variants/identifiers/{identifierAlias}/{identifier}
  3. Dashboard widgets does not keep selected position
  4. Too many running threads for content in Publication generation
  5. Bad value format introduced on Publication fields

v. 3.9.5

Released on 29-03-2022
  1. Add PageSize for template setup in Publication
  2. Create redirect if api root is called
Bug fixes
  1. Cannot preview TIFF images in search-result
  2. Latest activities shows negative time
  3. Error when exporting a mix of product with and without images
  4. Create asset returns 200 but null as asset id
  5. If amount of decimal is changed on number attribute Index needs to rebuild
  6. Duplicate logins in supplier portal
  7. PIM picker plugin missing style

v. 3.9.4

Released on 23-03-2022
Bug fixes
  1. Saving of product can fail, if product has no variation definition
  2. Custom enrichment insights are persisted with wrong type
  3. Download excel from supplier fails
  4. "All" in Search includes archived

v. 3.9.3

Released on 22-03-2022
  1. Using "All" to select items in Search is slow when there are a lot of items being selected
Bug fixes
  1. PIM elastic index - index.max_terms_count is always default
  2. Values are written to index, even if transaction further modifies items.
  3. PIM index rebuild deletes master index
  4. Index can be deleted if fails in ApplyIndexingTasks() method
  5. Copy catalogue with productreferences not taking references
  6. "Editable on" is missing in API on /categories/productattributes endpoints
  7. "Editable on" is not inherited through category attributes
  8. Variant names with inherited attributes are not updated
  9. When importing - Multiple media assets in precache found for a row results in media attribute not being updated correctly
  10. Unable to export image URL from nested objects
  11. Publication Template preview displays unknown error

v. 3.9.2

Released on 08-03-2022
Bug fixes
  1. Only display enabled templates in Publication preview
  2. Bulk update of variation definition does not update variant internal names
  3. Import of with media assets can fail if multiple rows in the data sheet has the same id in the key column
  4. Publication edit error

v. 3.9.1

Released on 04-03-2022
Bug fixes
  1. List values on product search are only searchable on root level
  2. Dashboard throws an error if the default tab is deleted from the default dashboard
  3. Cannot search list sub attributes on products
  4. In seldom cases, import with medias can cause indexoutofrange, when mapping uploaded images to data attributes

v. 3.9.0

Released on 01-03-2022
This release contains breaking changes.
  • Imports no longer run in a single transaction, but are instead split into batches which execute async in a background task

New features
  1. Add support for proposing new products through Supplier Portal UI
  2. Preview Publication template directly from product / variant
  3. Publication UI update
  4. Display detailed error message when publication build fails
  5. Increase generation speed when using regions in Publications
  6. Extend template name to avoid max length issue in Publications
  7. Minimize json in Publication preview
  8. Optimize editor space/tab
  9. Add region specific header/footer in publications
  1. Possibility to see other defining attributes even though they are not part of the current defined attributes
  2. Remember preview settings in publications per user
  3. Add support for running imports in background task
  4. Add support for events firing when transactions are completed
  5. Bypass webhook events on transactions
Bug fixes
  1. Struct.PIM.Api: Missing Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.Cors dependency in nuspec
  2. Excel importer upload all medias in file

v. 3.8.7

Released on 01-03-2022
Bug fixes
  1. It's not possible to bulk update attributes which is on configuration and category

v. 3.8.6

Released on 23-02-2022
Bug fixes
  1. Fallback values for languages are not always set on complex global list values
  2. Asset API does not correctly create folders in Umbraco media archive

v. 3.8.5

Released on 09-02-2022
  1. Export resolved urls with file names included when exporting images
Bug fixes
  1. Use semicolon as separator instead of comma for URLs in export of media urls
  2. Permissions are validated incorrectly when bulk updating category attribute values
  3. Importing images from urls like **/GetMediar?id=xxx will not show preview in import report

v. 3.8.4

Released on 07-02-2022
Bug fixes
  1. Creating a new global list value from fixedlist attribute shortcut does not update content of fixedlist attribute
  2. Race conditions when updating aggregated values in index can cause wrong values to be indexed
  3. Wrong mapping on nested complex fields in Publications datamodel ((Razor only)
  4. Exception when exporting products with classifications
  5. Fix region specific hide/show header and footer in Publications

v. 3.8.3

Released on 01-02-2022
New features
  1. Increase timeout for Publication build
Bug fixes
  1. Classifying primary category to the existing primary category removes primary flag
  2. Updating global list values does not propagate correctly to product and variant indexes
  3. Having multiple product structures with the same identifier alias confuses identifier selection
  4. No productupdated event is thrown when products are sorted within a category
  5. Key not found error in Publications if referenced item do not exist

v. 3.8.2

Released on 19-01-2022
New features
  1. Only display selected languages for inserts in Publications
Bug fixes
  1. ReadOnly attribute values can be overridden usning bulk update
  2. Merge products with hasvariants enabled but no variants deletes all merging products
  3. Merging discardes attributes data
  4. Discard changes dialog always appear, when managing attributes
  5. Bulk update boolean to false does not work unless toggled true ->false
  6. RefKey on classifications set through API is cleared when user changes classifications in UI
  7. Copy multi page and change to single page triggers error in Publications
  8. Product names not displayed in customize when exporting publication

v. 3.8.1

Released on 10-01-2022
New features
  1. Clean up upload data from imports
  1. Possibility to copy a filemapping
  2. UpdateVariants through API performance improvements
  3. Notify when modifying attributes and user is navigating away
Bug fixes
  1. When importing variants, PIM allows selection of product structure that does not have variants
  2. API client has wrong URL for variants/queryfields
  3. Images in portrait format cannot fit within the screen, when zooming in
  4. Category attributes can be edited through sequential editing for products they don't belong to
  5. 500 deserialization error for changes made prior to rollback feature introduction
  6. Double forward slash media API
  7. Save dashboard throws null ref if it is not the default dashboard
  8. Thumbnail and icons not available for files in Media

v. 3.8.0

Released on 15-12-2021
  1. Support close integration with external DAM systems
  2. Background tasks widget
  3. Add support for setting default dashboard for new users
  4. Add support for controlling separator for rendering of list attributes
  5. Support updating parent on categories through API
  6. Add support for controlling if sections are collapsed by default
  7. Add support for controlling headline of system tabs "variants" and "classifications"
  8. Restart existing task instead of copying when restarting failed background task
Bug fixes
  1. Typo in NotSupportedException

v. 3.7.4

Released on 07-12-2021
Bug fixes
  1. MultiPage index error in Publications

v. 3.7.3

Released on 07-12-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Productreference data error in Publications

v. 3.7.2

Released on 01-12-2021
  1. Make a Facade call matching API Get[X]AttributeValues<T>
Bug fixes
  1. Import fails if image is 404 from url
  2. PIM creates multiple media items from import if several rows contains the same image url but with different casing
  3. Inherited values and "null" values
  4. Internal names for variants will be out of sync if attribute rendering is changed
  5. Hydration of product, variant and categoryreferences can fail if the same entity is referenced multiple times in attributevalues being hydrated

v. 3.7.1

Released on 26-11-2021
This release contains breaking changes.
  • Uid of product, variant and category reference fields have changed and will need to be remapped in file mappings whenever used

Bug fixes
  1. Allow name as searchable field for product, variant and category reference attributes
  2. Importing to RTE in global list results in double <p> tags
  3. Global list references with translatable values are shown in split screen when enabling translation mode
  4. Publication fails if no classification available
  5. When doing an export and selecting one type of export before another, validation prevents the user from pushing the download button
  6. Product edit: Thumbnail placeholder not shown when media is missing
  7. Indexed values from product to variant cannot be searched in some cases
  8. API fails when automapping global list value references from product models when referenced global list uses nested global list values as keys
  9. Fix publication backoffice export for products
  10. Publication API installation from Nuget does not compile

v. 3.7.0

Released on 15-11-2021
New features
  1. Add widget that allows quick export of resultset in saved searches using predefined file mappings
  2. Add list of CollectionModels to CollectionDeleted event
  3. Add transaction endpoint to get transaction information
  4. Generate publications from Variants instead of Products
  5. Support search on Categories in internal PIM.Search
  6. Support exporting classifications per catalogue
  7. Primary category as search and export field
  1. Support importing categories
  2. Support using identifiers as key when exporting list properties
  3. Add API support for fetching zip file with certain assets
  4. Group search and bulk operations
  5. Support exporting categories
  6. Add support for importing product classifications
  7. Support for importing variant and product reference
  8. Support using sub attributes for matching global list values when importing product/variant data
  9. Include internal name of products and variants in API models
Bug fixes
  1. Cannot add/update rows in list property from import when selected key is unchangeable
  2. Missing specific permission for enrichment insight management

v. 3.6.8

Released on 13-11-2021
  1. Supplier portal visual fixes
Bug fixes
  1. Warning is logged excessively for api/client version mismatch
  2. PIM Api / get product attribute values endpoint / use existing product ids after lookup
  3. Setting up searchquery for dashboard throws null error on decimal
  4. Date fields does not update when changing segment
  5. products/{id}/variants and products/batch/variants API endpoints accepts includeArchived query, but is not available in .NET client

v. 3.6.7

Released on 01-11-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Api product updates can cause dublicate primary categories for products
  2. MediaData MapFromString() should clear existing value if incoming value is null or empty
  3. Date attribute with min value breaks when being fetched trough API, if timezone is not in UTC

v. 3.6.6

Released on 18-10-2021
  1. Global list search is not available in API
Bug fixes
  1. When emptying a field value, Elastic is not updated correspondingly
  2. Cannot search for notempty on decimal fields
  3. Rename LocalizedData property in data preview in Publication
  4. Custom tabs break saving if Sections is not defined.
  5. API fails if only attribute uids are provided in batch requests
  6. PIM shows wrong date in UI, when saving a date which has different daylight saving time compared to current daylight saving time

v. 3.6.5

Released on 08-10-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Media url export fails, if media attribute is empty
  2. Only validate variant config, when variants are enabled on product structure update
  3. Overridden attributes not shown on technical specifications
  4. Cannot change attribute alias in UI
  5. Changing product structure can cause products to have wrong variation definition afterwards

v. 3.6.4

Released on 04-10-2021
New features
  1. Add categories to productdata in Publications
  2. Add all localized values available in Publications
  3. Support inserts front/back in product sheets for Publications
  1. Support for searching in variant definition on variant search
  2. Copy product result in error due to duplicate identifiers
Bug fixes
  1. Date input fields uses local browser timezone instead of specified PIM timezone
  2. Attribute reference to global list does not allow unfolding of subattributes
  3. Cross indexing of inherited values doesn't register updates
  4. List attribute import error
  5. Enrichment insights on variants are not updated, when inherited value is updated
  6. Enrichment insights column look strange when a list attribute is selected as part of the insight
  7. All attributes are shown when doing filemapping in import
  8. Import add/update on unchangable key
  9. If toggled back and forth, global list revisions are duplicated
  10. Export publications don't select pagesize throw error
  11. Zoom på billeder fungerer ikke i søgning og i mediapicker
  12. Sorting categories does not fire categoriesupdated event
  13. Webhook requests for global list value deleted are empty
  14. Importing a Global list of type localized text attribute throws null reference

v. 3.6.3

Released on 22-09-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Bulk update string replace error when replacing with empty string
  2. List attribute can create dublicate data elements in some setups causing exports to stop working
  3. Dashboard tab UI breaks if user has a lot of tabs
  4. Using bulk update on segmented values sometimes throws null reference
  5. Global list search does not work if a list is included in the global list model
  6. Sort global list values throws exception when elastic is used
  7. Manage global lists permission does not cover management of global list folders

v. 3.6.2

Released on 13-09-2021
Bug fixes
  1. format missing exception when displaying created or lastmodified on variant search
  2. Defining attributes are missing on variants

v. 3.6.1

Released on 09-09-2021
New features
  1. Update dependencies for Publications
  1. Sorting of folders in media selector in PIM does not follow sorting in Umbraco media archive
  2. Generic exception thrown when importing from excel and key value is empty in excel
Bug fixes
  1. Attributevalues that are not part of the variantdefinition are accessible
  2. Making a product merge dosn't update product index
  3. Cannot attach attributes to categories from attribute detail page
  4. Cannot set transformations on sub attribute values
  5. Read only on product model is not respected on GlobalListAttribute when table view is selected
  6. Searching in variant definition selectize does not work
  7. Missing migration for TemplateInfo column on FileMappings
  8. Hide size for data-only Publications
  9. Dublicate attribute dataelements causing enrichment calculation to fail
  10. Global.asax from Nuget package is missing new ElasticAuthentication object in bootstrapping

v. 3.6.0

Released on 31-08-2021
This release contains breaking changes.
  • IExporter interface has changed. Interface now requires new methods GetSortOrder(), Initialize(string serializedSettings) and GetDescription() to be implemented. BuildExportFile(List<int> itemIds, FileMappings.Entity.FileMapping fileMapping) and GetTypedSettings(dynamic settings) is removed, while the signature of BuildExportFile(List<int> itemIds, ExportSettings settings) is changed.

New features
  1. Import interface to custom imports
  2. Add support for importing and exporting List Attribute values (BC)
  3. Add support for setting if category attribute is viewable and readonly on products and/or variants
  4. Add support for searching variant attributes on products and vice versa
  5. Add support for getting product/variant/category attribute values back in time
  6. Add browse API endpoints
  1. Sort webhooks by name
  2. Show overriden specification attributes values on variants
  3. Add product data to product:deleted webhook
  4. Allow custom implementations of IPIMTask
  5. Allow import of excel sheets with empty columns
  6. Read only attributes on products from categories
  7. Allow re indexing elastic index while working in the system
  8. UI for working, success and error state on buttons
  9. Allow sorting of variation definitions and make first one default
  10. Sort folders first in mediapicker
  11. Add support for credentials for Elastic Server Connections
  12. Require value in text field for global lists
  13. Edit global list value from table view

v. 3.5.9

Released on 23-08-2021
  1. Add support for line breaks in Excel imports
Bug fixes
  1. Update sequencially fails to save changes when a large number of products and columns are loaded

v. 3.5.8

Released on 17-08-2021
  1. Add support for using Dapper versions >1.5.0
  2. Add support for using EPPlus version > 4.1.0
Bug fixes
  1. Using another referenced global list as key in global list keys does not work properly

v. 3.5.7

Released on 12-08-2021
New features
  1. Backoffice Permission for GetAttributes() changed from manage to browse
  1. Support new media types introduced in Umbraco 8.15
Bug fixes
  1. Huge imports fail because reference value comparison is too slow
  2. Import handles keys CaseSensitivily on report generation but CaseInSensitivily on commit

v. 3.5.6

Released on 29-07-2021
  1. Improve error display in Publication template editing
  2. Add support for multiple products in single page publication
  3. Add support for global page orientation in Publications

v. 3.5.5

Released on 20-07-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Rich text editor does not work in Umbraco 8.15

v. 3.5.4

Released on 16-07-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Bulk moving product classifications can end up in multiple primary category selections
  2. When adding new global list value to unsorted list, the new global list value gets a negative sortorder

v. 3.5.3

Released on 14-07-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Enrichment insights calculation fails for attributes, if changes are made to products for anything but attribute values

v. 3.5.2

Released on 08-07-2021
  1. Improve FileReader error handling when loading import file
Bug fixes
  1. Inline upload in media picker does not work
  2. Misc ui Bugs after css scoping
  3. QueryBuilder and/or UI fix
  4. Collections/{uid}/references endpoint does not work correctly
  5. Cannot override an inherited attribute value on a variant to an empty value
  6. If an attribute value is changed, saved, changed back and saved in UI, the last save does not take effect
  7. Struct.PIM.Api: Cannot load System.Web.Http.Cors when installing NuGet-package

v. 3.5.1

Released on 05-07-2021
Bug fixes
  1. StructPIM css class is not always set on app-content element causing PIM styling to bleed into Umbraco
  2. API permissions for toggling enrichment on products and categories are shown under Products headline in UI
  3. Loading enrichment sidebar widget fails, if enrichment insight with no models added exist
  4. products/batch/references is used as URL instead of variants/batch/references in endpoint to get variant references

v. 3.5.0

Released on 02-07-2021
This release contains breaking changes.
  • Columns that are not mapped to any field in an Export template were previously ignored. These are now included in the export with empty values.

    The GetValuesForExport method of ExportFieldDescriptor now take a Transformation object as parameter to allow for specifying transformations of field data

New features
  1. Enrichment insights
  2. Support transformations of data when exporting products/variants to Excel (BC)
  3. Add endpoints for getting references to Attributes
  4. Add endpoints for getting references to categories
  5. Add endpoints for getting references to products
  6. Add endpoints for getting references to variants
  7. Add endpoints for getting references to collections
  8. Add endpoints for getting references to global list values
  9. Support custom header section in Excel when exporting products and variants
  10. Support inserting created, createdby, lastmodified and lastmodifiedby on configurations
  11. Support fixed values for certain columns in File mappings used when exporting data using that file mappings
  1. Show warning when leaving page with unsaved changes
  2. API endpoint to get all existing product structures missing in .NET API client
  3. Add support for discard changes dialog, when leaving page with un-saved changes
  4. GlobalListAttribute - Sort values by global list sort order when global list requires sorting
  5. Support getting uids of global lists instead of materialized objects from API
  6. Support CDN urls in Asset API
  7. Change markup and styling from umb to pim
Bug fixes
  1. Number of variants is sometimes not updated correctly in index
  2. Api Client, GetCategoryIds requires uid parameter that is not used.
  3. fix api favico
  4. Background tasks can end up stuck in processing state, if thread pool shuts down

v. 3.4.12

Released on 28-06-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Identifier not updating when changing alias on existing even after rebuild
  2. Struct.PIM.Api.Client - Wrong Newtonsoft.Json version in nuget file
  3. Indexing Products not batched

v. 3.4.11

Released on 18-06-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Global list searches does not work correctly in Elastic
  2. Elastic settings in web.config are reset when updating from Nuget
  3. Distributed Global.asax files does not compile on Supplier portal and API when updating from Nuget

v. 3.4.10

Released on 17-06-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Archived variants are always displayed. Not respecting "include archived" flag
  2. Cannot control backoffice rendering of complex attributes
  3. Primary category is removed, if update categories request is made with the same primary category set as the current primary category

v. 3.4.9

Released on 15-06-2021
  1. Increase index fields limit for elastic

v. 3.4.8

Released on 10-06-2021
Bug fixes
  1. It is possible to delete a media item which is referenced on products, variants, categories or global list values
  2. Classifications are not removed when using "removeCategoriesWithSameOwnerReference" from API

v. 3.4.7

Released on 08-06-2021
Bug fixes
  1. DimensionUid is not set when creating attributes through API

v. 3.4.6

Released on 07-06-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Custom exports fails

v. 3.4.5

Released on 03-06-2021
  1. Add support for selecting all in a folder in media picker
  2. Support searching medias in subfolders
  3. Extend ImportContext with media precache and import uid
Bug fixes
  1. Search in media picker does not find items with a hyphen
  2. Move variant to other product don't recalc the attributes on Inherit attributes
  3. Missing stored procedure dbo.IndexOptimize
  4. Creation of new product structure fails when a variation definition is defined as part of product structure
  5. Can select media more than once on media attribute
  6. Updating complex attribute with new fixedlist sub attribute causes error
  7. Cannot use export template when "default field name" is used
  8. Link picker in RTE does not work when RTE is nested in list/complex attribute
  9. Source code editor does not appear in toolbar, rich text editor

v. 3.4.4

Released on 07-05-2021
  1. Add GetUpdatedVariantIds to variantfacade
Bug fixes
  1. Cannot set "Allow multiple values" on global list attribute value
  2. Indexing to SQL server fails, if more than 1024 columns exist for a product or variant

v. 3.4.3

Released on 06-05-2021
New features
  1. Add support for including unit in AttributeValue.Render
Bug fixes
  1. PIM api client ReferencedAttribute on FixedListAttribute is null
  2. Unable to search boolean attributes using elastic search
  3. Getting 404 on GetInternalId when using spaces in identifier

v. 3.4.2

Released on 03-05-2021
  1. Hide filter query when using in list filter when displaying global list values
Bug fixes
  1. Publication internal license changed to use PIM connection
  2. Read only text attribute on list of complex wiped when saved
  3. Re-indexing tasks fails silently
  4. Change wording of "View global lists" permission
  5. Ensure attribute type cannot be changed if a default value is set for the attribute on a product structure
  6. List view columns are not available when creating a new global list
  7. Filtering global list values on Uid does not work for Elastic search implementation
  8. RegEx validation not enforced on numeric attributes
  9. Change of fixedlist attribute multi/not multi
  10. API client does not return id's of created products, even though they are part of the JSON response from the API

v. 3.4.1

Released on 26-04-2021
  1. Add new global list value from table view
  2. Elastic index creation fails, if prefix includes capital letters
Bug fixes
  1. global list attribute, table view. input loses focus on search
  2. Select "All" in search from global list table view doesnt respect search query
  3. Multi select media picker errors in global list when more than 1 item is selected
  4. Standard number of fields for elastic search too low

v. 3.4.0

Released on 19-04-2021
This release contains breaking changes.
  • GlobalListValuesDeletedEventArgs model has changed from DeletedGlobalListValue to DetailedGlobalListValue, containing the full AttributeValue (in the AttributeValue property) representing the global list value instead of the Uid property previously available. The Uid now resides on the AttributeValue object

New features
  1. Add support for searching through Elastic instead of SQL
  2. Global list - Support partial value updates
  1. Add method to get children of multiple categories
  2. Bulk update not possible to start as background task
  3. Include GET AssetIds endpoint in API
  4. Support item references in Publication data
  5. Add support for scaling in common formats (A2, A3, A4, A5, Letter) in Publications
  6. Support setting variation definition as part of create flow on products
  7. Support creating attribute scopes inline when creating attributes
  8. Support setting sortorder of new global list value as part of creation flow
  9. PIM-section as default section
  10. Add endpoint to get all product structures
  11. Search for number of variants under product in pim
Bug fixes
  1. Cannot create distributions on sub attributes
  2. RegEx validation not enforced on text attributes
  3. Include all data on deleted resources in deleted events (BC)

v. 3.3.8

Released on 16-04-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Readonly fields on global list values are nulled when updating through interface

v. 3.3.7

Released on 13-04-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Creating product via API sets Primary Clasification on groups that is NOT part of master
  2. Search in pim select all also takes archived with even if they are not viewed.
  3. PIM fails to save decimal value on complex global list
  4. GetBasicCatalogue() by alias does sql lookup by uid
  5. GetItemIds() in IdentifierBroker should include EntityType in query to avoid mixed results

v. 3.3.6

Released on 08-04-2021
New features
  1. Optimize localize tag for XSLT-rendering in Publication
  2. Add support for disable escaping in localize tag for Publication
Bug fixes
  1. Fix insert page selection for multipage in Publication
  2. Global list value attributes are not updated correctly on product and variant index

v. 3.3.5

Released on 22-03-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Possible null Reference in MapFromEditorModel

v. 3.3.4

Released on 18-03-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Fix for JavaScript error "TypeError: Cannot read property 'disconnect' of undefined"
  2. Minor HTML fixes
  3. Possible null Reference in MergeSegmentedOrLocalizedValues

v. 3.3.3

Released on 16-03-2021
  1. Allow underscore char in attribute alias
Bug fixes
  1. CORS is not possible through API
  2. Changing a list attribute resets the row template
  3. Search bulk actions leaks memory
  4. Handle special characters in localize tag for XSLT-rendering in Publications

v. 3.3.2

Released on 10-03-2021
Bug fixes
  1. ProductIndex not updated with category specific attributes
  2. Debug info is shown in UI of global list dialog containing a simple data model
  3. Generate variants creates new combinations that already exist
  4. Unable to create new variant if no Variant Definitions is created
  5. It is possible to add the same attribute more than once to a product structure, which is not allowed
  6. Cannot import new values to localized or segmented attributes, which already has a null value for the language or segment in question
  7. Cant save Globallist value with a list attribute with no data

v. 3.3.1

Released on 07-03-2021
Bug fixes
  1. API returns incorrect values for localized attributes

v. 3.3.0

Released on 05-03-2021
This release contains breaking changes.
  • Data-configuration models are moved from namespace Struct.PIM.Api.Models.ProductStructure to Struct.PIM.Api.Models.DataConfiguration affecting users of .NET API client

New features
  1. Enable setting Readonly, Mandatory, Unchangeable on global list sub attributes
  2. Only save properties that are actually changed through interface
  3. Add support for bulk updating Variation definition
  4. Add CRUD methods in API for user permissions
  5. Add Create and Update operations for catalogues in API (BC)
  6. Remove leftovers from AuditLog / DistributedEvents removal (BC)
  1. Support sorting attribute groups in backoffice UI
  2. Support importing and exporting variation definition on product
  3. Default values in list of complex - List template
  4. Disable changelog on specific attributes
  5. Allow fetch archive reasons through api
  6. Link to create/edit global-list from add/edit property on product/variant-model
  7. Link to edit attribute from add/edit property on product/variant-model
  8. Make IPIMTask interface public
  9. Allow selecting mandatory, readonly and unchangeable sub attributes on complex attributes
Bug fixes
  1. IE11 JavaScript fixes
  2. Support table view in globallist multiselect attribute
  3. Bad markup in header / footer setup in Publications
  4. Improve autogenerated swagger documentation
  5. Allow disabling changelog for specific product structures
  6. Users can save product structures with references to attributes that no longer exist

v. 3.2.10

Released on 07-03-2021
Bug fixes
  1. API returns incorrect values for localized attributes

v. 3.2.9

Released on 04-03-2021
  1. Generate variants UI
  2. Allow fallback language to be used in attributevalue.Render method
Bug fixes
  1. Possible undisposed transactionscope causes invalid transactionstate for subsequent requests
  2. Sorting variants under a product only work if the product is visible in the heriachy
  3. Adding access to Get categories in API also adds access to Get collections in API
  4. Text import fields are trimmed before insertion, but is not trimmed when used for serching existing items, causing dublicate product creations
  5. Unit on text attribute is not shown

v. 3.2.8

Released on 01-03-2021
  1. Support getting datatype objects from path referencing sub attribute in ListAttribute- and FixedListAttribute
Bug fixes
  1. Dashboard search result with two lines, the first line is cut
  2. If Struct PIM Url is null when saving General Setup, nullref error is thrown
  3. Search help does not describe how to search for date distances
  4. Default values not set for global list attribute on categories.
  5. Right click "Search products" gives option to Create Product - Fails

v. 3.2.7

Released on 16-02-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Excel exporter must always be chosen when exporting, even if it is the only option
  2. Cannot map the same field to multiple PIM fields in field mapping
  3. Indesign template not working
  4. Cannot set change boolean value from "null" to "false" from UI or API
  5. Same column can be added multiple times to pim search table

v. 3.2.6

Released on 12-02-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Searching products in a specific category shows wrong products if the id of the category is part of another category's id

v. 3.2.5

Released on 11-02-2021
Bug fixes
  1. PIM throws Nullreference exception if a segmented value has null as value in a segment
  2. Cannot update existing saved searches or create new ones from saved searches overview

v. 3.2.4

Released on 10-02-2021
New features
  1. Update Struct.PIM.Api Nuget transformation for missing config elements
  2. Remove Umbraco 7 dependencies from package.manifest
  1. PIMTransaction.Current should be public
  2. Prevent circular dependencies on global lists
Bug fixes
  1. Drag and drop in dashboard does not work in Safari
  2. Cannot paste clipboard item on dashboard
  3. Treenode not always unfolding when click button in breadcrumb
  4. Changes made to filter objects in SQL searcher are persisted to dashboard measuring points
  5. Cannot rollback to empty value in field
  6. Webhook events disappear from dashboard when changing active tab
  7. PIM dropdowns with default bootstrap syntax does not work with Commerce installed
  8. RenameAndRefactorDashboardSettingsTable migration fails if umbraco and pim is in two different databases
  9. Updating variant ProductId from API always creates new revision
  10. Updating product primary category from API always creates new revision
  11. Cannot delete empty global list

v. 3.2.3

Released on 03-02-2021
  1. Cannot attach to .NET PIM events in Cloud API
Bug fixes
  1. Throw error on dashboard, if no valid license is present
  2. variants view in "Unclassified products" shows to many variants
  3. Fix constraints for CategoryIdentifier in CreateIdentifierTables migration task
  4. Bad path in single page publications API end point

v. 3.2.2

Released on 02-02-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Cannot import media assets to variants
  2. Defining attributes not relevant to variant are shown in creation flow if marked as mandatory
  3. Globallist values are not rendered correctly in table view of list attribute
  4. Cannot create variant search measuring point from dashboard
  5. Cannot remove conditional color on search result widget
  6. Cannot select fields in bulk update
  7. Sorting is not possible on search

v. 3.2.1

Released on 01-02-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Support Umbraco versions > 8.7.0
  2. CreateFolder in MediaAdapter calculates wrong hash

v. 3.2.0

Released on 29-01-2021
This release contains breaking changes.
  • Custom implementations of TabSetup, SectionSetup, PropertySetup and WizardStepSetup must now implement a MapFromApiModel method

    1. Import- and ExportFieldDescriptors needs to have Preload() implemented
    2. SupportedField constructor now requires entity type and the passed uid must be without entity prefix (filemappings will break if not updated)
    3. AttributeFieldHelper has signature changes and some methods have been moved into FieldHelper

  • IWebhookEnabledEvent have been updated with new methods needed to be implemented in order to support advanced setup of webhook enabled events

  • IWebhookEnabledEvent have been updated with new methods needed to be implemented in order to support advanced setup of webhook enabled events

  • GetGlobalListValues renamed to GetGlobalListValue()

    • TabEditorModel now requires HtmlFilePath to define path of HTML file to use for rendering Tab
    • SectionEditorModel now requires HtmlFilePath to define path of HTML file to use for rendering Tab
    • PropertyEditorModel now requires HtmlFilePath to define path of HTML file to use for rendering Tab

  • Permission required to be specified on custom actions

New features
  1. Enable producstructure CRUD in PIM API (BC)
  2. Support custom directive location for custom Sections, Tabs and Properties (BC)
  3. Support custom permissions on custom actions (BC)
  4. Include the raw string value in ImportUpdatedFieldValue when importing
  5. Support personal dashboards in backoffice
  6. Support drag and drop dashboard setup
  7. Make collection interaction possible through API
  8. Customize multipage catalogue before generation
  9. Support for template based Header / Footer in Catalogue
  10. Support revision change rollback from PIM UI
  11. Support large List attributes in UI
  12. Support batch on Api endpoint Catalogues.GetCategories
  13. Support limiting number of characters in text field
  14. Support moving variants through API
  15. Support actual size in resulting PDF vs Preview in Publications
  16. Support Razor engine for Publication templates
  1. Optimise product- and variantexport (BC)
  2. Add support for conditional triggering of webhooks (BC)
  3. Add support for including change information in webhook events (BC)
  4. Add T4Template for generating classes from API for products, variants, categories and global list values
  5. Suport showing number of characters in text fields
  6. The Global lists index should automatically be rebuild when new languages are created
  7. Scroll to top on tab switch
  8. Show where attribute is used on product and variant configs
  9. Add MediaEndpoint to API and API.Client
  10. Deleting referenced global list shows SQL error message to the user
  11. Support sorting of variants
  12. Enable creation of attributes in pim API
  13. Add support for unfolding position in catalogue from product page
Bug fixes
  1. GetGlobalListValue method is wrongly spelled as GetGlobalListValues in API client (BC)
  2. Collapse button not workingon webhook
  3. Error fetching category ids by variant ids
  4. Existing identifiers are not cleared if identifier renders as an empty string
  5. PIM event changesets contains attribute changes if a value was changed to empty attributevalue
  6. API endpoint GetProductAttributeValues throws exception when valuesInclude parameter is set
  7. Missing generalSettings_supplierPortalSetupSaved translation
  8. CatalogueFacade.Instance.GetCategoryIdentifiers throws error on migrated DB's
  9. GlobalListValuesDeleted event not fired.
  10. Categories on products in index is not updated when moving a category
  11. Baggrundsfarve i translationview
  12. Accordion fold in/out is not fluent
  13. Product model overblik
  14. Gennemgå UI til security
  15. License check can result in infinite loop

v. 3.1.14

Released on 24-02-2021
Bug fixes
  1. MediaAdapter cannot get file by url on cloudflare

v. 3.1.13

Released on 21-01-2021
Bug fixes
  1. GET /categories/productattributes is not wrapped in .NET Api client

v. 3.1.12

Released on 19-01-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Distributed transaction sometimes required when creating variants through api
  2. Dublicate folders can be created when using mediacontroller CreateFolder
  3. Cannot move variant to product in top level category

v. 3.1.11

Released on 18-01-2021
  1. Throw javascript reload event when saving proudct/variant/category
Bug fixes
  1. Error when sorting attributes on at product catalouge
  2. Webhook events are fired before transaction is completed
  3. Cannot move variant to another product when not seeing the variant page while performing move action
  4. Potential deadlock when sending webhook requests

v. 3.1.10

Released on 04-01-2021
  1. Remove comma as seperator when importing multiple media items
Bug fixes
  1. Read only attribute values are stored in database from UI

v. 3.1.9

Released on 14-12-2020
  1. Deleting an attribute with high amounts of values results in server timeout
Bug fixes
  1. Product classifications are not updated in index, when categories are moved or deleted
  2. Variants are not filtered when selecting category
  3. SQL server search index is out of sync after updating different attributes on different products
  4. Merge of products fails, if variant model has same attribute added more than once
  5. Upgrading Umbraco to version with Angular 1.8.0, causes rendering errors of some directives

v. 3.1.8

Released on 03-12-2020
  1. Hide columns with no errors on product import erroronly view
  2. Change Nuget dependencies to support all v8 versions
Bug fixes
  1. Add correct extension to file if it is not known
  2. Empty backoffice rendering for global list values
  3. GetSubAttributeFromPath in client attribute model returns wrong subattribute for fixedlist attribute
  4. BooleanAttribute returns as AttributeReferenceAttribute in API

v. 3.1.7

Released on 24-11-2020
Bug fixes
  1. Searching sometimes throws error saying fields are missing in index

v. 3.1.6

Released on 23-11-2020
  1. Updating attribute can be slow if number of attribute values for that attribute is very high
  2. Display image name in media picker
Bug fixes
  1. Number of decimals on number attribute not considered in backoffice input fields
  2. Building product indentifiers remove the other identifiers ending with the last structure identifier
  3. Category deletion through UI does not trigger event
  4. UI allows making global lists dimension specific even though it is not supported
  5. Display name is not saved on sub attributes when creating complex attribute
  6. Importing global list with media attribute fails, if media column is empty

v. 3.1.5

Released on 17-11-2020
  1. Reuse attributes for loading attribute values for new items in import
  2. Optimize mapping key columns in import
Bug fixes
  1. Wrong results are returned when searching multival fields

v. 3.1.4

Released on 10-11-2020
Bug fixes
  1. GlobalLists/{uid}/values Does not use limit

v. 3.1.3

Released on 27-10-2020
  1. Enable clicking on global list value reference, to go to referenced item
  2. Inherited attributes does not display any note, if inherited value is overridden
Bug fixes
  1. Causing delete event inside a transation causes an unimplemented method to be called
  2. Merge products "popout" has empty producttype dropdown
  3. VariantService fails if there is no primaryproductcategory on the product
  4. Variant identifiers are not created correctly, when creating new variants

v. 3.1.2

Released on 08-10-2020
Bug fixes
  1. Import throws generic error, if an attribute reference is imported, but the referenced attribute does not exist
  2. Missing endpoint to fetch a single global list value
  3. Exceptions in API are not returned to client
  4. API error when using Catalogues.GetInternalIdMap due to Invalid column name 'IdentifierAlias'
  5. API XML documentation for Swagger is not included when API is deployed, causing Swagger to be inaccessible

v. 3.1.1

Released on 07-10-2020
New features
  1. Custom DataFieldDescriptor added for Publications
  2. Add attribute scopes to publication data
  3. Add backoffice translations for en-US in Publications
  1. Improve API error message when creating a product with a none matching property/attribute
  2. Show where attribute is used on productstructures and catalogues, as part of error message
  3. Missing generic methods in client for API in variant and category
Bug fixes
  1. Api endpoint Catalogues.GetProductsInCategories() fails
  2. Swagger UI does not have fixed width when fetching data, causing a very long horizontal scrollbar
  3. Cannot change image in Publication header / footer
  4. Languages set up during creation of data supplier is not saved
  5. PIM Api logo is missing in Swagger
  6. Unhandled exceptions are not logged in API
  7. Unable to remove identifiers on groups
  8. GlobalList value updates are not propagated to other global list value indexes
  9. Changing type of an existing dashboard item fails
  10. When creating new global list value in Update Items Sequentially view, the new value is not automatically added to the attribute
  11. Struct.PIM.Api.Client restore failes due to dependency on different NewtonSoft.Json versions
  12. Searching for empty value in number field fails
  13. Category attributes are not available through bulk update (PIM thinks user does not have access)

v. 3.1.0

Released on 02-10-2020
New features
  1. Add support for fetching publications through PIM Api Client v3
  1. Style swagger UI to match Struct design template
  2. Show how many items are changed in bulk update report
  3. Support bulk updating single segment of attribute
  4. Support advanced bulk update operations (add, subtract, replace)
  5. Add searching within categories
Bug fixes
  1. Ensure ReadOnly and Unchangeable attributes cannot be set in bulk update
  2. Segment/language overflows on inputs in Update Items Sequentially
  3. Complex attribute values are not merged when saving
  4. Install script adds legacy CurrentRevision column to global list value table

v. 3.0.8

Released on 02-10-2020
New features
  1. Adjust default publication templates
  2. Optimize fixed list mapping in publication data
Bug fixes
  1. Missing template wrapper in publications
  2. Invalid mapping of variant data in publications

v. 3.0.7

Released on 01-10-2020
  1. Provide better error descriptions from API
Bug fixes
  1. If image ids are exported, they cannot be mapped during import
  2. Partner portal does not comply with the field rights settings
  3. Publication page orientation fixes from v2
  4. Custom actions not displayed
  5. Media attribute allways marked as changed when empty in import
  6. PIM api get internalId by identifier can't handle special signs
  7. Media data fails, if a segment is added with null value through API

v. 3.0.6

Released on 28-09-2020
Bug fixes
  1. Globallist value with number don't use the culture seperator
  2. Cannot search global lists.
  3. PIM api get internalId by identifier can't handle dot
  4. Wrong uid when creating global list from api
  5. FixedList number attribute at root throws exception when being cast

v. 3.0.5

Released on 22-09-2020
Bug fixes
  1. Input validation is sparse in product structure setup
  2. Rebuilding PIM references fails, if multiple items Localized media attribute has same value in multiple languages
  3. Displayed PIM version under license information shows wrong build number
  4. Setting referenced global list values' uids on global list value reference attribute through API fails
  5. Product/variant Indexing fails, if more than 1024 columns are added
  6. Cannot create product, if selected product structure has variants, but no variation definition exists
  7. Import sets null element in MediaData if upload of media fails

v. 3.0.4

Released on 16-09-2020
  1. Enable searching in languages and segments in top bar
Bug fixes
  1. When Creating values in global list from API relatet global list value is set wrong
  2. When importing multiple items through API with different global list value references, all items get a reference to the same global list value
  3. Selecting the same media item multiple times on same product causes error
  4. Cannot toggle Multiselect on media attribute in UI

v. 3.0.3

Released on 11-09-2020
Bug fixes
  1. Cannot update global list value
  2. Error message when uploading List fields says not implemented exception
  3. Item revision is not set on global list values during 3.0.0 migration
  4. Clean install can fail if any action causes logs to be written

v. 3.0.2

Released on 07-09-2020
Bug fixes
  1. Catalogue MediaAdapter is internal
  2. Fix naming of Publication API endpoints

v. 3.0.1

Released on 07-09-2020
Bug fixes
  1. Adjust Publication migration for PIM v3
  2. .NET452 dll's are included for publications instead of .NET472

v. 3.0.0

Released on 07-09-2020
This release contains breaking changes.
  • ISystemDataFactory have been removed in favor of 3 new interfaces, one for each of:

    • data area
    • sub data
    • area

    Simply split up your interface into multiple classes, and implement the new interface with the same logic as you have now.

New features
  1. Remove External Ref
  2. Support segmenting attribute data
  3. Upgrade to support Umbraco V8
  4. Support unique identifiers in PIM items based on attribute compositions
  5. Reorganize web api
  6. Add new "List" attribute to replace complex multirow attribute
  7. Make attribute affiliations dynamic and decouple it from the way attributes are attached to products
  8. Export and import of attribute names
  9. Remove Range, Area, Volume, Content and Calculation attributes
  10. Media attribute should use list of strings as underlying data structure
  1. Update UI of product configuration management
  2. Rework product configuration UI
  3. (BC) Split interface for extending StructPIM with external DataItems, SystemDataAreas and SystemSubDataAreas into three separate interfaces