The changelog shows all changes made between Struct PIM v.3 releases. Breaking changes between minor versions are documented here as well.

v. 3.4.11

Released on 18-06-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Global list searches does not work correctly in Elastic
  2. Elastic settings in web.config are reset when updating from Nuget
  3. Distributed Global.asax files does not compile on Supplier portal and API when updating from Nuget

v. 3.4.10

Released on 17-06-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Archived variants are always displayed. Not respecting "include archived" flag
  2. Cannot control backoffice rendering of complex attributes
  3. Primary category is removed, if update categories request is made with the same primary category set as the current primary category

v. 3.4.9

Released on 15-06-2021
  1. Increase index fields limit for elastic

v. 3.4.8

Released on 10-06-2021
Bug fixes
  1. It is possible to delete a media item which is referenced on products, variants, categories or global list values
  2. Classifications are not removed when using "removeCategoriesWithSameOwnerReference" from API

v. 3.4.7

Released on 08-06-2021
Bug fixes
  1. DimensionUid is not set when creating attributes through API

v. 3.4.6

Released on 07-06-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Custom exports fails

v. 3.4.5

Released on 03-06-2021
  1. Add support for selecting all in a folder in media picker
  2. Support searching medias in subfolders
  3. Extend ImportContext with media precache and import uid
Bug fixes
  1. Search in media picker does not find items with a hyphen
  2. Move variant to other product don't recalc the attributes on Inherit attributes
  3. Missing stored procedure dbo.IndexOptimize
  4. Creation of new product structure fails when a variation definition is defined as part of product structure
  5. Can select media more than once on media attribute
  6. Updating complex attribute with new fixedlist sub attribute causes error
  7. Cannot use export template when "default field name" is used
  8. Link picker in RTE does not work when RTE is nested in list/complex attribute
  9. Source code editor does not appear in toolbar, rich text editor

v. 3.4.4

Released on 07-05-2021
  1. Add GetUpdatedVariantIds to variantfacade
Bug fixes
  1. Cannot set "Allow multiple values" on global list attribute value
  2. Indexing to SQL server fails, if more than 1024 columns exist for a product or variant

v. 3.4.3

Released on 06-05-2021
New features
  1. Add support for including unit in AttributeValue.Render
Bug fixes
  1. PIM api client ReferencedAttribute on FixedListAttribute is null
  2. Unable to search boolean attributes using elastic search
  3. Getting 404 on GetInternalId when using spaces in identifier

v. 3.4.2

Released on 03-05-2021
  1. Hide filter query when using in list filter when displaying global list values
Bug fixes
  1. Publication internal license changed to use PIM connection
  2. Read only text attribute on list of complex wiped when saved
  3. Re-indexing tasks fails silently
  4. Change wording of "View global lists" permission
  5. Ensure attribute type cannot be changed if a default value is set for the attribute on a product structure
  6. List view columns are not available when creating a new global list
  7. Filtering global list values on Uid does not work for Elastic search implementation
  8. RegEx validation not enforced on numeric attributes
  9. Change of fixedlist attribute multi/not multi
  10. API client does not return id's of created products, even though they are part of the JSON response from the API

v. 3.4.1

Released on 26-04-2021
  1. Add new global list value from table view
  2. Elastic index creation fails, if prefix includes capital letters
Bug fixes
  1. global list attribute, table view. input loses focus on search
  2. Select "All" in search from global list table view doesnt respect search query
  3. Multi select media picker errors in global list when more than 1 item is selected
  4. Standard number of fields for elastic search too low

v. 3.4.0

Released on 19-04-2021
This release contains breaking changes.
  • GlobalListValuesDeletedEventArgs model has changed from DeletedGlobalListValue to DetailedGlobalListValue, containing the full AttributeValue (in the AttributeValue property) representing the global list value instead of the Uid property previously available. The Uid now resides on the AttributeValue object

New features
  1. Add support for searching through Elastic instead of SQL
  2. Global list - Support partial value updates
  1. Add method to get children of multiple categories
  2. Bulk update not possible to start as background task
  3. Include GET AssetIds endpoint in API
  4. Support item references in Publication data
  5. Add support for scaling in common formats (A2, A3, A4, A5, Letter) in Publications
  6. Support setting variation definition as part of create flow on products
  7. Support creating attribute scopes inline when creating attributes
  8. Support setting sortorder of new global list value as part of creation flow
  9. PIM-section as default section
  10. Add endpoint to get all product structures
  11. Search for number of variants under product in pim
Bug fixes
  1. Cannot create distributions on sub attributes
  2. RegEx validation not enforced on text attributes
  3. Include all data on deleted resources in deleted events (BC)

v. 3.3.8

Released on 16-04-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Readonly fields on global list values are nulled when updating through interface

v. 3.3.7

Released on 13-04-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Creating product via API sets Primary Clasification on groups that is NOT part of master
  2. Search in pim select all also takes archived with even if they are not viewed.
  3. PIM fails to save decimal value on complex global list
  4. GetBasicCatalogue() by alias does sql lookup by uid
  5. GetItemIds() in IdentifierBroker should include EntityType in query to avoid mixed results

v. 3.3.6

Released on 08-04-2021
New features
  1. Optimize localize tag for XSLT-rendering in Publication
  2. Add support for disable escaping in localize tag for Publication
Bug fixes
  1. Fix insert page selection for multipage in Publication
  2. Global list value attributes are not updated correctly on product and variant index

v. 3.3.5

Released on 22-03-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Possible null Reference in MapFromEditorModel

v. 3.3.4

Released on 18-03-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Fix for JavaScript error "TypeError: Cannot read property 'disconnect' of undefined"
  2. Minor HTML fixes
  3. Possible null Reference in MergeSegmentedOrLocalizedValues

v. 3.3.3

Released on 16-03-2021
  1. Allow underscore char in attribute alias
Bug fixes
  1. CORS is not possible through API
  2. Changing a list attribute resets the row template
  3. Search bulk actions leaks memory
  4. Handle special characters in localize tag for XSLT-rendering in Publications

v. 3.3.2

Released on 10-03-2021
Bug fixes
  1. ProductIndex not updated with category specific attributes
  2. Debug info is shown in UI of global list dialog containing a simple data model
  3. Generate variants creates new combinations that already exist
  4. Unable to create new variant if no Variant Definitions is created
  5. It is possible to add the same attribute more than once to a product structure, which is not allowed
  6. Cannot import new values to localized or segmented attributes, which already has a null value for the language or segment in question
  7. Cant save Globallist value with a list attribute with no data

v. 3.3.1

Released on 07-03-2021
Bug fixes
  1. API returns incorrect values for localized attributes

v. 3.3.0

Released on 05-03-2021
This release contains breaking changes.
  • Data-configuration models are moved from namespace Struct.PIM.Api.Models.ProductStructure to Struct.PIM.Api.Models.DataConfiguration affecting users of .NET API client

New features
  1. Enable setting Readonly, Mandatory, Unchangeable on global list sub attributes
  2. Only save properties that are actually changed through interface
  3. Add support for bulk updating Variation definition
  4. Add CRUD methods in API for user permissions
  5. Add Create and Update operations for catalogues in API (BC)
  6. Remove leftovers from AuditLog / DistributedEvents removal (BC)
  1. Support sorting attribute groups in backoffice UI
  2. Support importing and exporting variation definition on product
  3. Default values in list of complex - List template
  4. Disable changelog on specific attributes
  5. Allow fetch archive reasons through api
  6. Link to create/edit global-list from add/edit property on product/variant-model
  7. Link to edit attribute from add/edit property on product/variant-model
  8. Make IPIMTask interface public
  9. Allow selecting mandatory, readonly and unchangeable sub attributes on complex attributes
Bug fixes
  1. IE11 JavaScript fixes
  2. Support table view in globallist multiselect attribute
  3. Bad markup in header / footer setup in Publications
  4. Improve autogenerated swagger documentation
  5. Allow disabling changelog for specific product structures
  6. Users can save product structures with references to attributes that no longer exist

v. 3.2.10

Released on 07-03-2021
Bug fixes
  1. API returns incorrect values for localized attributes

v. 3.2.9

Released on 04-03-2021
  1. Generate variants UI
  2. Allow fallback language to be used in attributevalue.Render method
Bug fixes
  1. Possible undisposed transactionscope causes invalid transactionstate for subsequent requests
  2. Sorting variants under a product only work if the product is visible in the heriachy
  3. Adding access to Get categories in API also adds access to Get collections in API
  4. Text import fields are trimmed before insertion, but is not trimmed when used for serching existing items, causing dublicate product creations
  5. Unit on text attribute is not shown

v. 3.2.8

Released on 01-03-2021
  1. Support getting datatype objects from path referencing sub attribute in ListAttribute- and FixedListAttribute
Bug fixes
  1. Dashboard search result with two lines, the first line is cut
  2. If Struct PIM Url is null when saving General Setup, nullref error is thrown
  3. Search help does not describe how to search for date distances
  4. Default values not set for global list attribute on categories.
  5. Right click "Search products" gives option to Create Product - Fails

v. 3.2.7

Released on 16-02-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Excel exporter must always be chosen when exporting, even if it is the only option
  2. Cannot map the same field to multiple PIM fields in field mapping
  3. Indesign template not working
  4. Cannot set change boolean value from "null" to "false" from UI or API
  5. Same column can be added multiple times to pim search table

v. 3.2.6

Released on 12-02-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Searching products in a specific category shows wrong products if the id of the category is part of another category's id

v. 3.2.5

Released on 11-02-2021
Bug fixes
  1. PIM throws Nullreference exception if a segmented value has null as value in a segment
  2. Cannot update existing saved searches or create new ones from saved searches overview

v. 3.2.4

Released on 10-02-2021
New features
  1. Update Struct.PIM.Api Nuget transformation for missing config elements
  2. Remove Umbraco 7 dependencies from package.manifest
  1. PIMTransaction.Current should be public
  2. Prevent circular dependencies on global lists
Bug fixes
  1. Drag and drop in dashboard does not work in Safari
  2. Cannot paste clipboard item on dashboard
  3. Treenode not always unfolding when click button in breadcrumb
  4. Changes made to filter objects in SQL searcher are persisted to dashboard measuring points
  5. Cannot rollback to empty value in field
  6. Webhook events disappear from dashboard when changing active tab
  7. PIM dropdowns with default bootstrap syntax does not work with Commerce installed
  8. RenameAndRefactorDashboardSettingsTable migration fails if umbraco and pim is in two different databases
  9. Updating variant ProductId from API always creates new revision
  10. Updating product primary category from API always creates new revision
  11. Cannot delete empty global list

v. 3.2.3

Released on 03-02-2021
  1. Cannot attach to .NET PIM events in Cloud API
Bug fixes
  1. Throw error on dashboard, if no valid license is present
  2. variants view in "Unclassified products" shows to many variants
  3. Fix constraints for CategoryIdentifier in CreateIdentifierTables migration task
  4. Bad path in single page publications API end point

v. 3.2.2

Released on 02-02-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Cannot import media assets to variants
  2. Defining attributes not relevant to variant are shown in creation flow if marked as mandatory
  3. Globallist values are not rendered correctly in table view of list attribute
  4. Cannot create variant search measuring point from dashboard
  5. Cannot remove conditional color on search result widget
  6. Cannot select fields in bulk update
  7. Sorting is not possible on search

v. 3.2.1

Released on 01-02-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Support Umbraco versions > 8.7.0
  2. CreateFolder in MediaAdapter calculates wrong hash

v. 3.2.0

Released on 29-01-2021
This release contains breaking changes.
  • Custom implementations of TabSetup, SectionSetup, PropertySetup and WizardStepSetup must now implement a MapFromApiModel method

    1. Import- and ExportFieldDescriptors needs to have Preload() implemented
    2. SupportedField constructor now requires entity type and the passed uid must be without entity prefix (filemappings will break if not updated)
    3. AttributeFieldHelper has signature changes and some methods have been moved into FieldHelper

  • IWebhookEnabledEvent have been updated with new methods needed to be implemented in order to support advanced setup of webhook enabled events

  • IWebhookEnabledEvent have been updated with new methods needed to be implemented in order to support advanced setup of webhook enabled events

  • GetGlobalListValues renamed to GetGlobalListValue()

    • TabEditorModel now requires HtmlFilePath to define path of HTML file to use for rendering Tab
    • SectionEditorModel now requires HtmlFilePath to define path of HTML file to use for rendering Tab
    • PropertyEditorModel now requires HtmlFilePath to define path of HTML file to use for rendering Tab

  • Permission required to be specified on custom actions

New features
  1. Enable producstructure CRUD in PIM API (BC)
  2. Support custom directive location for custom Sections, Tabs and Properties (BC)
  3. Support custom permissions on custom actions (BC)
  4. Include the raw string value in ImportUpdatedFieldValue when importing
  5. Support personal dashboards in backoffice
  6. Support drag and drop dashboard setup
  7. Make collection interaction possible through API
  8. Customize multipage catalogue before generation
  9. Support for template based Header / Footer in Catalogue
  10. Support revision change rollback from PIM UI
  11. Support large List attributes in UI
  12. Support batch on Api endpoint Catalogues.GetCategories
  13. Support limiting number of characters in text field
  14. Support moving variants through API
  15. Support actual size in resulting PDF vs Preview in Publications
  16. Support Razor engine for Publication templates
  1. Optimise product- and variantexport (BC)
  2. Add support for conditional triggering of webhooks (BC)
  3. Add support for including change information in webhook events (BC)
  4. Add T4Template for generating classes from API for products, variants, categories and global list values
  5. Suport showing number of characters in text fields
  6. The Global lists index should automatically be rebuild when new languages are created
  7. Scroll to top on tab switch
  8. Show where attribute is used on product and variant configs
  9. Add MediaEndpoint to API and API.Client
  10. Deleting referenced global list shows SQL error message to the user
  11. Support sorting of variants
  12. Enable creation of attributes in pim API
  13. Add support for unfolding position in catalogue from product page
Bug fixes
  1. GetGlobalListValue method is wrongly spelled as GetGlobalListValues in API client (BC)
  2. Collapse button not workingon webhook
  3. Error fetching category ids by variant ids
  4. Existing identifiers are not cleared if identifier renders as an empty string
  5. PIM event changesets contains attribute changes if a value was changed to empty attributevalue
  6. API endpoint GetProductAttributeValues throws exception when valuesInclude parameter is set
  7. Missing generalSettings_supplierPortalSetupSaved translation
  8. CatalogueFacade.Instance.GetCategoryIdentifiers throws error on migrated DB's
  9. GlobalListValuesDeleted event not fired.
  10. Categories on products in index is not updated when moving a category
  11. Baggrundsfarve i translationview
  12. Accordion fold in/out is not fluent
  13. Product model overblik
  14. Gennemgå UI til security
  15. License check can result in infinite loop

v. 3.1.14

Released on 24-02-2021
Bug fixes
  1. MediaAdapter cannot get file by url on cloudflare

v. 3.1.13

Released on 21-01-2021
Bug fixes
  1. GET /categories/productattributes is not wrapped in .NET Api client

v. 3.1.12

Released on 19-01-2021
Bug fixes
  1. Distributed transaction sometimes required when creating variants through api
  2. Dublicate folders can be created when using mediacontroller CreateFolder
  3. Cannot move variant to product in top level category

v. 3.1.11

Released on 18-01-2021
  1. Throw javascript reload event when saving proudct/variant/category
Bug fixes
  1. Error when sorting attributes on at product catalouge
  2. Webhook events are fired before transaction is completed
  3. Cannot move variant to another product when not seeing the variant page while performing move action
  4. Potential deadlock when sending webhook requests

v. 3.1.10

Released on 04-01-2021
  1. Remove comma as seperator when importing multiple media items
Bug fixes
  1. Read only attribute values are stored in database from UI

v. 3.1.9

Released on 14-12-2020
  1. Deleting an attribute with high amounts of values results in server timeout
Bug fixes
  1. Product classifications are not updated in index, when categories are moved or deleted
  2. Variants are not filtered when selecting category
  3. SQL server search index is out of sync after updating different attributes on different products
  4. Merge of products fails, if variant model has same attribute added more than once
  5. Upgrading Umbraco to version with Angular 1.8.0, causes rendering errors of some directives

v. 3.1.8

Released on 03-12-2020
  1. Hide columns with no errors on product import erroronly view
  2. Change Nuget dependencies to support all v8 versions
Bug fixes
  1. Add correct extension to file if it is not known
  2. Empty backoffice rendering for global list values
  3. GetSubAttributeFromPath in client attribute model returns wrong subattribute for fixedlist attribute
  4. BooleanAttribute returns as AttributeReferenceAttribute in API

v. 3.1.7

Released on 24-11-2020
Bug fixes
  1. Searching sometimes throws error saying fields are missing in index

v. 3.1.6

Released on 23-11-2020
  1. Updating attribute can be slow if number of attribute values for that attribute is very high
  2. Display image name in media picker
Bug fixes
  1. Number of decimals on number attribute not considered in backoffice input fields
  2. Building product indentifiers remove the other identifiers ending with the last structure identifier
  3. Category deletion through UI does not trigger event
  4. UI allows making global lists dimension specific even though it is not supported
  5. Display name is not saved on sub attributes when creating complex attribute
  6. Importing global list with media attribute fails, if media column is empty

v. 3.1.5

Released on 17-11-2020
  1. Reuse attributes for loading attribute values for new items in import
  2. Optimize mapping key columns in import
Bug fixes
  1. Wrong results are returned when searching multival fields

v. 3.1.4

Released on 10-11-2020
Bug fixes
  1. GlobalLists/{uid}/values Does not use limit

v. 3.1.3

Released on 27-10-2020
  1. Enable clicking on global list value reference, to go to referenced item
  2. Inherited attributes does not display any note, if inherited value is overridden
Bug fixes
  1. Causing delete event inside a transation causes an unimplemented method to be called
  2. Merge products "popout" has empty producttype dropdown
  3. VariantService fails if there is no primaryproductcategory on the product
  4. Variant identifiers are not created correctly, when creating new variants

v. 3.1.2

Released on 08-10-2020
Bug fixes
  1. Import throws generic error, if an attribute reference is imported, but the referenced attribute does not exist
  2. Missing endpoint to fetch a single global list value
  3. Exceptions in API are not returned to client
  4. API error when using Catalogues.GetInternalIdMap due to Invalid column name 'IdentifierAlias'
  5. API XML documentation for Swagger is not included when API is deployed, causing Swagger to be inaccessible

v. 3.1.1

Released on 07-10-2020
New features
  1. Custom DataFieldDescriptor added for Publications
  2. Add attribute scopes to publication data
  3. Add backoffice translations for en-US in Publications
  1. Improve API error message when creating a product with a none matching property/attribute
  2. Show where attribute is used on productstructures and catalogues, as part of error message
  3. Missing generic methods in client for API in variant and category
Bug fixes
  1. Api endpoint Catalogues.GetProductsInCategories() fails
  2. Swagger UI does not have fixed width when fetching data, causing a very long horizontal scrollbar
  3. Cannot change image in Publication header / footer
  4. Languages set up during creation of data supplier is not saved
  5. PIM Api logo is missing in Swagger
  6. Unhandled exceptions are not logged in API
  7. Unable to remove identifiers on groups
  8. GlobalList value updates are not propagated to other global list value indexes
  9. Changing type of an existing dashboard item fails
  10. When creating new global list value in Update Items Sequentially view, the new value is not automatically added to the attribute
  11. Struct.PIM.Api.Client restore failes due to dependency on different NewtonSoft.Json versions
  12. Searching for empty value in number field fails
  13. Category attributes are not available through bulk update (PIM thinks user does not have access)

v. 3.1.0

Released on 02-10-2020
New features
  1. Add support for fetching publications through PIM Api Client v3
  1. Style swagger UI to match Struct design template
  2. Show how many items are changed in bulk update report
  3. Support bulk updating single segment of attribute
  4. Support advanced bulk update operations (add, subtract, replace)
  5. Add searching within categories
Bug fixes
  1. Ensure ReadOnly and Unchangeable attributes cannot be set in bulk update
  2. Segment/language overflows on inputs in Update Items Sequentially
  3. Complex attribute values are not merged when saving
  4. Install script adds legacy CurrentRevision column to global list value table

v. 3.0.8

Released on 02-10-2020
New features
  1. Adjust default publication templates
  2. Optimize fixed list mapping in publication data
Bug fixes
  1. Missing template wrapper in publications
  2. Invalid mapping of variant data in publications

v. 3.0.7

Released on 01-10-2020
  1. Provide better error descriptions from API
Bug fixes
  1. If image ids are exported, they cannot be mapped during import
  2. Partner portal does not comply with the field rights settings
  3. Publication page orientation fixes from v2
  4. Custom actions not displayed
  5. Media attribute allways marked as changed when empty in import
  6. PIM api get internalId by identifier can't handle special signs
  7. Media data fails, if a segment is added with null value through API

v. 3.0.6

Released on 28-09-2020
Bug fixes
  1. Globallist value with number don't use the culture seperator
  2. Cannot search global lists.
  3. PIM api get internalId by identifier can't handle dot
  4. Wrong uid when creating global list from api
  5. FixedList number attribute at root throws exception when being cast

v. 3.0.5

Released on 22-09-2020
Bug fixes
  1. Input validation is sparse in product structure setup
  2. Rebuilding PIM references fails, if multiple items Localized media attribute has same value in multiple languages
  3. Displayed PIM version under license information shows wrong build number
  4. Setting referenced global list values' uids on global list value reference attribute through API fails
  5. Product/variant Indexing fails, if more than 1024 columns are added
  6. Cannot create product, if selected product structure has variants, but no variation definition exists
  7. Import sets null element in MediaData if upload of media fails

v. 3.0.4

Released on 16-09-2020
  1. Enable searching in languages and segments in top bar
Bug fixes
  1. When Creating values in global list from API relatet global list value is set wrong
  2. When importing multiple items through API with different global list value references, all items get a reference to the same global list value
  3. Selecting the same media item multiple times on same product causes error
  4. Cannot toggle Multiselect on media attribute in UI

v. 3.0.3

Released on 11-09-2020
Bug fixes
  1. Cannot update global list value
  2. Error message when uploading List fields says not implemented exception
  3. Item revision is not set on global list values during 3.0.0 migration
  4. Clean install can fail if any action causes logs to be written

v. 3.0.2

Released on 07-09-2020
Bug fixes
  1. Catalogue MediaAdapter is internal
  2. Fix naming of Publication API endpoints

v. 3.0.1

Released on 07-09-2020
Bug fixes
  1. Adjust Publication migration for PIM v3
  2. .NET452 dll's are included for publications instead of .NET472

v. 3.0.0

Released on 07-09-2020
This release contains breaking changes.
  • ISystemDataFactory have been removed in favor of 3 new interfaces, one for each of:

    • data area
    • sub data
    • area

    Simply split up your interface into multiple classes, and implement the new interface with the same logic as you have now.

New features
  1. Remove External Ref
  2. Support segmenting attribute data
  3. Upgrade to support Umbraco V8
  4. Support unique identifiers in PIM items based on attribute compositions
  5. Reorganize web api
  6. Add new "List" attribute to replace complex multirow attribute
  7. Make attribute affiliations dynamic and decouple it from the way attributes are attached to products
  8. Export and import of attribute names
  9. Remove Range, Area, Volume, Content and Calculation attributes
  10. Media attribute should use list of strings as underlying data structure
  1. Update UI of product configuration management
  2. Rework product configuration UI
  3. (BC) Split interface for extending StructPIM with external DataItems, SystemDataAreas and SystemSubDataAreas into three separate interfaces